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even if they are going well. You know what I mean?

I don’t want to complain too much because aside from two little issues where there was a wrong door ordered (door drama) and some things not measured out right on the plans (architect fail) things have been going really smoothly.

But I am going to say about the sucky things now because it is real and I heard criticisms where blogers are accused of only promoting the positive things in their lives. Like, never showing their house looking untidy, talking about their relationships as if they never have any problems etc

I tend to think adoption blogs keep things pretty real. Almost because there is no other choice, adoption is all about ups and downs.

So I should be real about this too. I dont want anyone doing a reno thinking it will be completly easy. We have great builders who we communicate well with and so far everything is pretty much happening on schedule BUT….

I don’t love living like this;

It is pretty cramped living in the bedroom. That little camping table is; where we work on the computer, where we eat, where I do my sewing etc etc.

You can see that Indai is there – but she is only with us on the weekends 😦 for the rest of the week she is at my mum and dads having a holiday. We miss her and we are getting tired of not having her around.

When she is with us she gets a bit bored, because our fences are down etc so she can only go outside if we are with her. She does like sniffing around the new extension but…

In general I dont think she is all that impressed.

"erm... no, this is not fun for me"

But mostly it is not fun for us – because we miss her so much. Weekend visitation is just not enough. It sucks.

Other things that suck are slightly less emotional. Like that the front of my house looks like this:

Where those piles of stuff are, we used to have a nice lawn and garden.

This is our driveway;

Niiiiccee! huh! Such a beautiful feature at the front of my house. No wonder people seem to be throwing rubbish into our yard.

And here is our backyard 😦

so sad.

The playroom now looks like this:

Because it is storing so much stuff. But it used to be like this (evolution of a playroom)  but having a little baby sanctuary place where I came to prepare my heart and mind for our future bubs it not possible at the moment 😦 totally sucks.

There is dust all over our house. All. The. Time.

sometimes it is full on grit under your feet – THAT SUCKS! You are probably thinking ‘if it was my house I would vaccum all the time’ yeah. But it does not help all that much. It only takes off the top layer. You need to vaccum AND mop. And really who has the time for that? So we have developed a method for keeping the dust and grit away from upstairs at least. And we vaccum, or sweep when it is all getting to much of course. But really the battle with dust will not be won until the build is over. It is impossible. and it sucks.

Other then that the last sucky thing is kind of silly! Our builders are always on site SO EARLY.

I am an early riser, always have been. But even if I am up and in the shower by 6am (which I am every day) I am not happy about having people in my house by 6:45… like there are every day while this build is on. They can not start making noise until 7am… so they get here at 6.40am, 6.45am and prepare things… so right on the dot of 7am they can do this;

damn diligent builders! LOL, I know, I know it is a silly complaint to have builders who show up early every day. But like I said at the begining, this is an indulgently wingey blog post.  And there are many many days when I dont feel like being dressed and ready to go by 6.45 am! I am sure you understand deep down in your heart.

So yeah, even though this build is exciting and going really really well. Some parts are just plain sucky – and I think there is nothing that can be done about it. Lucky we do not have too much longer to go! 🙂


So this one might not be very exciting for people other then Husbot and I. But it was pretty exciting for Husbot and I. The roof.

We have had a shitty rainy summer this summer. And so all through our build we have had people asking us “how is the raid affecting your build?” and “have you had much rain delay?” To be honest we have not. Our builders are champions and the bricklayers had some internal weather sensing mechanism that allowed them to predict when a cloudy morning was actually going to fine up. So things kept moving.

But the day our builders were putting up the roof trusses was a horrible, cold, wet and windy day. I mean it was awful. We kept telling our builders to go home but they were like “we have our raincoats…”

here is what they did on one of the most miserable days of the year;

when we asked why they didnt go home they were like “well, apart from the weather we had the best day… every cut was perfect, everybeam went in right, great day… apart from the weather”  (undersatement of the year)

 you can see how wet the floor got…

next the electrician came along to put the wires in for the lights, ceiling fans, power switches, smoke alarms etc. It was pretty hard to decide where every. single. switch and light bulb was going to go when you are looking at an empty shell of a room.

but here it is;

Next the colourbond sheets went on. the rest of our house has concrete tiles. But this section has colourbond – because it is too flat for tiles, since it sits under the top deck.

so it looks pretty good right?

But most important it works! Now when there are horrible, cold, windy, rainy days we dont have to worry – we have a roof!

so yeah, probably not the most exciting update. But we were pretty  thrilled to have a roof over our new bit. I cant remember what week we were up to by the time the roof went on – maybe week 6? or around then.

It looks a bit dark in there doesnt it? Well that is partly because it was a dark day AND because most of these photos we take at dusk (when we get home from work around 6.30 /7pm) but also because with the brick on the wall and no gyprock on the ceiling and walls, no floorboards etc the light is all getting sucked away, not bounced around. It should lighten up soon.

So, my last post detailed the complete knock down of the back of my house (its a knock down), but fear not! It was all part of the plan! What plan? The plan for a better house, detailed here (so, what’s the plan?)

You will see from looking at that plan that the back part of our houer (from the old dining room) was going to become wider to give us a big open plan room back there. This room will house the kitchen, dining and living areas and a new and additional room will be built onto the back of the house to house the laundry.

Here is how the side of the house was before. You can see that we have about 3 meters between our house and our fence.For this build we will only be moving about 1.5 meters closer to the fence, still alowing a good gap between us and our neighbours.

because the laundry was getting built onto the back of the house, this garden at the back had to be removed. 😦 I hated seeing any of my garden go.

our vegie patch had to be destroyed too. 😦 but that was just to give the builders enough room to work… here it is before:

and after when the trenches for the new walls are built.

 like what we have done with the place? hahahahaha

I promise it will get better! And we will re build the vegie patch when this whole thing is over.

so next the bricks arrived and the brick delivery guy decided to use his machine to destroy our front lawn!

but apparently building is a very destructive thing, so what can you do. Add, front landscaping to our post build to do list!

At least now there were bricks we could see walls appear!

As you can see all the walls down here are double brick. It is an expensive choice but it is the best choice. It has good thermal mass properties, cool in summer, warm in winter.

all of the downstairs of our house is double brick so the choice was a no brainer for us. BUT the old ‘utility room’ which was an extention built by the previous owners was not double brick. And neither is the upstairs extension built by the previous owners. The difference in the thermal properties between upstairs and downstairs is noticable. VERY noticable. Upstairs gets very very hot in summer and is hard to warm up in winter. But we have already done some things to try to mitigate the problems upstairs, and will do some more in this build…. still avoiding the problems downstairs was top priority!

here are the walls going up!

Now it is starting to look like a house! (yes? no?) You can see here the difference between the old and new parts… there is our beautiful arch (between the old lounge and old dining rooms)

and then with some underflooring stuff down (we will be getting floorboards) and the windows in you can start to picture our home as our home, yes?

so, there we go! If you think Husbot and I were feeling excited at this stage (which was some weeks into the build – maybe a month into it) then imagine how we felt when the roof started going on and we no longer saw blue sky above our new lounge room! hehehe coming up soon…..

so. we are pretty close to finishing these renos. All we have left is for me to skip the country, head off to the land of smiles next week, and leave Husbot to deal with the Kitchen instalation. eeeaasy!

But if it wasnt for the unfortunate timing of my laptop dying you would have been ‘in the loop’ all the way along. Through every long suffering week, where Husbot and I have been living our entire existance in our bedroom while our house has been smashed apart and put back together. Wouldn’t that have been exciting! Really! Anyway I am going to try to catch these events up in a few photographic blog posts…

In case you’re not sure what we are doing to the place, it is all detailed here: (renovation plans) or if you don’t know why were are fixing things up I have detailed what is wrong with the house here; (so, whats wrong with the house?) or maybe you were not sure where we were up to in January when we were getting things ready to start, it here (packing up the house).

this one is called THE KNOCKDOWN…

So here is where we were up to… 1/2 house empty;

confused Indai…

"what's going on Mummy?"

This sign sent the warning out;

Then it all started coming down. Kitchen – gone

Next the doors were off and the back room was being knocked down;

where were the insides of our house going? Well out the side window of course!

(it all then was put on a truck and carted off)

Except our old sliding doors – they were re-installed in our archway (between our old lounge room and old dining room) So the builders could make themselves a site office and lock up their gear

then things started coming down for real;

 it became very alfresco out there!

here is the same part of the house from a different angle (from our upstairs bedroom window) you can see down there because the deck aand roof are gone

more walls gone now;

yup, it is pretty knocked down;

 So that is the first week or so of our renovation!

Mucho Destructo! Thankfully the rest of the process has been more about building then tearing things down. But this was how is begun!


So it is quite chaotic here. I am up to my ears in work. AND we are in our 5th week of the reno.

I had intended to blog with photos of the reno as we were going along with weekly updates at least…. but of course it was WAY too crazy here for me to stay on top of it.

So I will try to catch you up a bit.

Before the reno we;

  • packed up the whole house (I mean everything – each room is either packed up or a storage place)
  • did some work on our gardens before they were ruined by the diggers etc
  • did some ‘anti-rain’ dances because we have had the wettest summer here for a looong time and that is not good when they are ripping your roof off and walls down.

But the good news is that the build it going well (so far) everything is on schedule so far and we have not been too affected by the rain  (knock on wood). In another couple of weeks they will have finished the roof/walls/floor/windows and then it is all internals.

Anyway here are some update pictures.

Our old lounge room has gone from this;

to this

The playroom has gone from this;

to this;

(there is even more stuff in there now)

the 2nd bedroom (spare room which will be the baby’s room in the future) used to look like this;


It now looks like this;

it is our temporary kitchenette;

we are pretty much living in our bedroom – very close quarters. Kind of getting cabin fever every now and then.

More updates are coming – ones that actually show the work that is going on!

whoo hoo!!

It is finally gone, no longer in my bedroom! I am so happy! 🙂 In fact now that it is gone I can’t believe I lived with it for 3 years!!

here is what I am talking about, in case you can’t remember…

So, maybe you think we are crazy though. Maybe you are saying right now. “Wait a minute – aren’t you about to start a renovation where you wont have a kitchen for 3 months?? Why would you rip out your kitchenette now?”

Yes, it does seem a strange time to do it. I mean, when we have lived with it for 3 years.

We thought about it. We really did. Would we use the kitchenette throughout the renovation? Because after all, we will be living in our bedroom throughout the whole thing.

But as you can see from the photo above, that it is really only 4 things;

  • a sink
  • a hole for a fridge
  • a hole for a microwave
  • cupboards

there is no cooktop or oven.

since we have cupboards down stairs, and can just put the microwave anywhere (like on a table) then those two things were not really selling points. The sink was a good thing. BUT the idea of pulling our fridge upstairs (because our bedroom is upstairs) was NOT appealing at all. Our stairs are steep.

We thought about hiring or borrowing a smaller fridge? Maybe a bar fridge? Would that be worth it? But as there was no cooker we would then have to also drag our BBQ up there as well…  So it was really only the sink that was selling the kitchenette at all. In the end we decided it was easier to set up a camping sink downstairs then it was to drag our fridge upstairs… therefore there was no reason to keep the kitchenette!! Yay!

I looked back through the photos we took when we were viewing the house considering it to buy. And yes… the previous owners used the kitchenette! There was even a fridge. I can’t believe they dragged that thing up there!

here is the kitchenette as a kichenette (which it never was while we have lived here)…

well that is enough chatter. How did we get that sucker out?

Well, I just asked my Dad. “Do you think you can cap the pipes to the kitchenette?” he said “yes.” and then he did!! OMG. so simple, after all these years. Here is what it looked like at this stage.

That was before christmas actually. Then we had to leave it for a while, as we had to go to Perth and do some other things…

When we could get back to it the next steps were; emptying it (obviously) and pulling it out. But I did not want to do that until we had a plan for what was going in there.

I had asked the guy who is doing our kitchen to quote us for floor to ceiling cupboards for the space. And while they would have been lovely I am sure, the quote came in at $2,750 hhhmm we needed a cheaper solution. I had to compromise.

In the end we decided that we could do it ourselves with ikea. We used their kitchen pantry product. Which is not floor to ceiling but it fits the space (wall to wall) perfectly, cost about $1,000 and took a bit of grunt on our part.

here is how it went in pictures (remember it took a few days…)

when we pulled the bottom cabinet away the granite was attached to the wall and pulled some of the plaster away. Since no one would see that we didn’t bother trying to make it look pretty from this side. But it has been patched from the other side – since it is connected to our downstairs roof and if it was not fixed would let hot air into the room.

almost gone.

gone-skies!! Can you picture me doing a happy dance?? try… really, try. Because I did. My word. I did a happy dance!!! Whoo hoo!

Then we did this;

 now. of all the things I have made from ikea – and I feel like I have made a lot of things from ikea. These are NOT the easiest things to make.

I am very sure after this experience that I will never get an ikea kitchen. The ‘boxes’ were easy enough to make. But those legs were awful to work with. awful. Made it so hard to manuver the things into place and I was so worried the whole time about chipping the MDF. Which normally I dont worry about as much. But it just seemed too easy to do.

Anyway we kept going.

There were two powerpoints and a lightswitch in the kitchenette and we wanted to keep them. So my dad was the hero again. He is not an electrician, but he can move an existing powerpoint or lightswitch. So he moved them so we can access them from inside the cupboard (as you can see from the photo above). Yay! We wont be running a lamp LOL. But we will use them for charging ipods/ phones etc in the future. 🙂 no more chargers lying around on tabletops all over the place. Yay!

 once the shelves were in stuff was immediatly put on them. As we are currently packing up our house for the renovation.

Indai was so impressed by this whole thing. She loves building, Not. Here she is making space for herself among all the building stuff – using some wall screws as a pillow!

so then all we had to do was put the doors and kickboard on. The doors were pretty easy. Maybe the easiest part of the whole thing – but the kickboard… well husbot did very well to not swear too much while putting that bastard on. LOL.

Anyway – here is where we finished up

I am happy with it!

Of course floor to ceiling would have been nice but… once we put some baskets or something up there it will be good.

There is still more to do in the bedroom (just like the rest of the house). But with the kitchenette gone I feel like we have made real progress. Those cupboards are almost full right now – because we are getting really close to the reno and have been packing up the rest of the house. And the cupboards are so practical. I love them! 🙂


So after the walk in wardrobe was built we had a proper study area in our bedroom. But it looked a bit sad. And was lacking in function.

It really needed some draws and shelves and things. And although Indai loved that chair – the chair is actually going to end up in the baby’s room someday so we wanted to dissuade her from thinking it was hers.

She loves the study (because she loves to read??) no. Because it has windows with a veiw to the street uninterupted by trees. So she sits in the study and spies on our neighbours, and watches the goings on… she is very nosy.

 I call her Mrs Kravitz, after the character on the old TV show Bewitched who was always spying on Samantha through the blinds from across the street LOL.

Anyway, back to the study…

So, it was not a big job – but it has made a big difference (I think). We just;

  • added some draws that we bought from ikea, for pens, paper etc
  • added a small cupboard, again from ikea, for the paper shredder and cartridges etc
  • kept the ‘saw horse’ style legs on the window side of the desk because they let the light in from the windows
  • added some small shelves to the wall above the desk
  • hung the art I bought in Laos (finally)
  • moved the bookshelf slightly
  • replaced Indai’s spying chair with a couple of floor cushions and a blanket for her

here are the results;

and from a different angle;

 As you can see Indai still likes the study, even though her favorite chair has gone 😦

Husbot and I like it much better too.

We also used one of those shelves to improve our Tibetan cabinet/tv area. Which was REALLY sad.

That is a really beautiful Tibetan cabinet that Husbot and I bought in Nepal and shipped to Aus with some other things. And we love the cabinet.

But clearly it was being completly ruined by having the TV and other crap on top of it like that. So we have finally done something about it.

 hhhmm, I dont think that photo shows the cabinet in the best light – but it is the only one I have 😦

Still I think you can see that moving the TV away makes the cabinet stand alone and so its beautiful features do not become hidden by all the cables and crap. It is a feature cabinet once again – not a TV stand! Yay!

Anyway, our renovation plans are still going along. As is the story of my life, the planning and paper work stages take a LOT longer then I thought… As soon as we moved into this place the flaws were obvious. But people said ‘live in it for at least a year before making any big changes’.

So we did. We have lived in the house for more then that, we moved into the house in 2009. Started talking to builders about making changes last year in 2011.

I really feel like this is our ‘forever home’ because there are so many things I love about it. But there are also many many things I dislike also… lets go for a tour!

The Kitchen:

Here is one half of the kitchen;

And here is the other half


As you can see the kitchen is quite small and really awkwardly done. It is half in one room (where the sink and bench are) and then half in the other room (where the fridge and dishwasher are).

Living with a small kitchen is doable. It really is, we also had a small kitchen in our flat, and we could live with that no problem. But, it is a real pain not having the fridge in your kitchen. Constantly walking around that bench to get things in and out of the fridge when you are in the middle of cooking something (and yes… even though I don’t cook often I have had this experience).

So we are very much looking forward to having a nice sized kitchen with all the appliances in one room.

To make it worse our current kitchen is not big enough to even hold our regular, every day use plates and glasses. They are housed in the dining room – in this cabinet;

so just to get dinner ready we currently have to use/collect things from 3 rooms in the house. LOL

The Laundry:

What laundry?

We have a box that is built into the utility room.

Inside the box is the washing machine (our washing machine can also be a dryer).

That is all there is room for. No storage.

Unless of course you count on-top-of-the-toilet storage? Do you? We do!

We HAVE too!

As you can see this teeny tiny box of a laundry does not have room for the laundry sink…. But has a toilet. We don’t really know why. I mean – some people will say you can never have enough toilets in a house… but we think you can. We have one upstairs in the ensuite, and one downstairs in the bathroom. I think that will be enough for what we are hoping will be a family of 4.

Anyway on top of the toilet is the perfect storage place for a basket of Indai’s blankets and towels. While shoved all around it are mops and brooms and clothes dryers… you know? Those things you might actually want to store in the laundry if you can fit them.

Outside the laundry box is the laundry sink

Yes that’s right – it is right next to the fridge.

On the top half we keep all of Indai’s things (food, leads, new toys, snacks, shampoo etc)

The bottom half hold our good china and Tupperware…. Because these things can’t fit in our kitchen.

But when you come to live in your home it would be nice to think that everything in it is being homed in its correct place too. Kitchen stuff in kitchen – laundry stuff actually in the laundry.

So those two flaws make up one of the biggest change that is happening in the renovation. The whole back area is being re-arranged – the kitchen is being moved and a new laundry is being built on to fix these problems.

Other then that the issues are not so big. We just have;

The Kitchenette;

This is situated in our bedroom 😦 . We are just going to get rid of it and put in some cupboards (we have already started that so look out for an update).

The hangover built-in-wardrobes;

This room is right by our front door.

We are not really sure what the former owners used it as.

We believe that at one point it was the main bedroom. And that built-in-wardrobe was very handy for hanging up clothes.

But when they did the extension upstairs to make what is now our bedroom. The stairs were put into this room and it no longer was a bedroom…. Yet the wardrobe remained.

We have made it functional in the years we have been here – since there is practically NO other storage in the house. Husbot put in shelves (as when we moved in there was only rods for hanging clothes in the whole cupboard) and now the shelves are packed full with stuff.

But really it is very impractical and so, SO ugly! I am not loving the brass surround and the smoke tinted mirror – hellloooo 80’s!

So we plan to pull them out and put storage in under the stairs. Hopefully it will make the room more practical.

More ugly:

These lovely 80’s style wardrobes appear in the green bedroom (bed 2) also.

Blergh. As we want this to be the baby’s room we will take them off and replace them with something more fun and child-like and less Dynasty-shoulder-pads- Joan Collins-ish.

Of course there will be updates along the way….


So last time I mentioned our bedroom we had completed the DIY walk-in-robe project which was a HUGE improvement to the space.

But it was not all we wanted to do with the room – it was not even all we wanted to do with the walk-in-robe.

So… what else have we done?

well to start we have ripped out the old built-in-robe and repositioned the bed. So you may recall our room used to be like this:

with the built-in-robe  and kitchenette taking up all the wall space allong the eastern side of the wall. And the bed cramped into the the shorter Northern wall.

so yeah –  we ripped it out.

I don’t have any photos of that process. Because there was not really a ‘process’ at all – no need for an on-line tutorial for that! Just a lot of grunt! So yeah, no photos because Husbot and I were in it – with the crowbar and hammer ripping that sucker out!

We did get pieces that might be re-usable for someone – like the doors and shelves. So while they were taken to our local tip, our local tip is Kimbriki which is a resource recovery centre and pieces like those from our wardrobe will go into a salvage area where others can buy them very very cheaply and re-use them 🙂 awesome!

Anyway, as I mentioned here in early December we had some new lights installed to make our bedroom nicer – since we will be living in our bedroom exclusively while the renovations are going on 😦 anyway…. here is the ‘new’ bedroom (still very much a work in progress)

of course the kitchenette is still there 😦 … more on that later. Because that was a bigger job then we could do as the plumbing needed to be disconected etc.

And it is far from finished  – as you can see the walls need some work! If the marks that were left from the shelves were not enough, then the electricians made holes to put the lights in 😦

but we have big plans for the wall.

Still – even though there is more to do there is already enormous improvement. Mostly in the outlook. Before, with our bed against the north wall – our bed looked out the window with a southernly angle, which directed our view into our neighbours back yards 😦

which was not great on Sunday sleep-ins when next-doors kids were all running around….

now our outlook is directly east, directly into our own backyard. much nicer 🙂

So that is the bed move/transformation!

There have also been changes to the walk-in-robe. When I last posted it was at this stage awesome but a little bit unfinished.

We had a solar tube installed. Which is kind of like a sky-light. Except that it is a tube. The light goes into a small ‘bubble’ which is placed on our roof – and then it travels down the tube – which is made of reflective tubing – so it bounces down, bounce, bounce, bounce – until it hits your room! It makes a huge difference!

Here is the room before in the middle of the day with no lights on (excuse the plastic drop sheets – I put them in for the solar tube installer dude)

so dark!

Now here is a picture after  the solar tube installation. There are no electric lights on… just the solar tube

I love it! now I can find things (like my handbags) from the very back of the wardrobe without having to put a light on 🙂

Another big improvement to the wardrobe is a husbot invention!

I wanted a full length mirror – but I did not want it to take up wall space. hhhmmm, how to do? The walk-in-robe will not have a door but instead a curtain across the doorway – so back of the door was not an option. Also the very back wall of the robe is not an option because my handbag shelves are back there… sooo husbot needed to invent something.

here it is

 you dont’t see it?

I will help you out.

from that to this!

 it slides out! (when I took this photo I was standing inside the walk-in-robe)

not only that but…

It is double sided! yay! (In this photo I am standing outside the wardrobe in the bedroom). It is fantastic for picking out outfits 🙂

He made it by buying two fairly inexpensive mirrors (I think from Ikea?) painting them white to match the walls. And then attaching them back to back. And also attaching them to a set of draw runners (the things that make draws slide in and out from the cabinet) which he bought on line. The draw runners Husbot used are extendable so the mirror comes out away from the wall.

But then it all just slides away when not in use, not really taking up any wall or cupboard space (the whole thing is less the 5cm wide) that would be used for anything else. And I only need to look in the mirror when I choose too LOL

so ingenious! I love it 🙂

(obvious title… I know)

Anyway, in this last week we had some pre-renovation work done on the house. Mostly it was just about getting the electrician in to do the bits that were not going to be covered by the big reno job. Lights and fans in the bedrooms.

But also – because we will be practically living in our bedroom for the three months of the renovation we needed that space to be comfortable.

I was home with Indai for the first day – but in all it took 3 days for them to do the job! Since we did not want to get in their way Indai and I hung out in the ‘utility room’ for the day. It was raining and Indai was sad (she hates any water that falls on her…) so she mostly slept on the daybed. And I did some sewing… more on that in another post…

Actually there is more to it then that – the electricians were pretty good but not great about checking that the front door was closed properly behind them – so Indai was actually attached to the daybed for much of the day (except when it stopped raining and we went out for walkies).

Indai was lucky that for the next two days her pop-bill could come over and look after her (while he was doing a few things around the house).

But what were they doing? Well, making a big mess for one! hahaha

But they were also;

  • Installing pendant lights beside our bed so we dont need table lamps
  • Installing another fan in our bedroom and repositioning our current one
  • installing powerpoint where there was none before (we had many many extension cords before)
  • installing a light in the new walk in robe
  • installing celing fans with lights in each of the downstairs bedrooms
  • installing pendant lights in the hallway
  • installing pendant lights in the front room

Big list!

I can’t believe this is our pre-reno job!

here are some before and after pics;

This is the green room (bed 2) which we want to make into the baby’s room… soon. Before it had a fan and celing light – we called the fan the saloon because of its retro stylings.

It now has a nice sleek modern looking fan and light;

The playroom also has a brand new ceiling fan and light exactly the same.

Also in the current lounge room which will become bedroom 4 after the renovations (confused? see the plans here)

Here is how it looked before; a yawn worthy oyster light

and here it is now!

 Ta da! I think it looks a lot better.

The pendant lights were a last minute addition, because I was cleaning out a cupboard on the weekend and found them. They are a batik pattern. Not sure where I got them.

As you can see – Indai loves them

I think I got them at a shop that sells things from Bali. I have never been to Bali but I like some Balinesian things, they are lovely.

Like the pendent lights in our hallway. I have realised now that I never took a photo of our hallway ‘before’ – but there was a very booring wall light in the stairway hall. Now we have these…..

 Yay!! I think they look great. from another view

There is a bit more too. But I think it needs a new post. – Stay tuned! hahaha

I know it might seem strange but I absolutly can not turn off the hope that we will get the call anyday. Like tomorrow.

It would totally be ‘murphy’s law’ in a way if we got the call now. Because our house is already a bit of a mess and will only get worse for the next few months. As I said earlier Husbot and I will be basically living in our bedroom the whole time the renovation is happening.

And Indai? Well she will be living with pop-bill and ama-la (her grandparents) because we can’t risk the builders leaving doors and gates open and not watching her, she could easily run onto the road 😦 so to be sure she will be off site the whole time.

Even for the few days of having workmen in I realised it would be soooo difficult to have a child during a renovation. The electricians tried to be tidy and clean up after themselves, but still there was grit and dust all over the floor and in some parts little bits of the ceiling and walls that had fallen down. Not to mention the noise and general disruption.

But even so… I can’t switch this feeling off – this hope. Every day I hope we are one day closer to the call  and each night before I go to sleep I feel sad that there is a little child somewhere in the world who is living in instutional care who needs a family. I mean if the call happens in the next few months before the build is finished then we will certainly find a way, it is our top priority so we WILL make it work no matter what.

what do you think? Will Murphy’s law apply here? What are the chances?