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with us! Was Sunday ūüôā I was going to blog Sunday to say YAY!!! 3 years of Indai!!! But we were having too much fun to do that.

We were also moving furniture. But more on that later…

Back to Indai.

We got Indai from Blacktown pound on 22 January 2009. We had just found our house but were waiting for all the paperwork to finish. Still, I had been wanting a dog for soooo long that I was already looking online to see which pooch would be ours.

I was looking on Beagle rescue NSW¬†because I knew we wanted a Beagle. I¬†had a beagle¬†cross years ago and¬†he was the best dog ever, but be warned if you are new to beagles – they can be escape¬†artists! They follow their nose! And they¬†don’t like being lonely ūüė¶

Beagle rescue is a great service. It is part of the Beagle Club of NSW. But if you love another breed of dog then check  if there is a rescue site/service for that breed, like; Dalmation rescue, Cattle dog rescue, Labrador rescue etc

They did not have Indai listed as a re-home and she was not in foster care. She was actually just listed as a link to Blacktown pound.¬†¬†ūüė¶ here is what she looked like…

sorry about the quality of the picture. I did not think to¬†save the picture from the webpage so I¬†just scanned an old print out we had.¬†But I hope you can see her face. Her beautiful, hopeful face. It breaks my heart. She is looking at someone as if to say “are you going to take care of me?’ with her hopeful eyes. I know they are not. ūüė¶¬† I mean it is not their fault – there are so many animals at the facility…. Anyway, she had a time period to wait – in case she had a family who were looking for her. But after that she had very little time before she would be euthanased. ūüė¶

So I watched to see if her time expired and once she went in the danger zone. I pounced.

As I said before we had just signed the contract on our house, but we had to wait out the settlement period.¬† So Husbot was not expecting me to find us a dog that day. Also we were going to Nepal for 3 weeks for a friends wedding and a holiday only a couple of weeks after I said “um… honey… come look at this dog on Beagle rescue…”. No he was not expecting us to get a dog that day…

But I could not ignore that face. no way. That face needed a home.

So I called my Mum and Dad and asked if they wouldnt mind doggy-sitting for a few weeks (or maybe it would be a couple of months?) they said… ‘no’ ūüė¶¬†they didnt want to do it and I should wait until we had the house. Then¬† I said get on the internet and look at her!!¬† I said she is in the pound and I can’t wait for settlement to finish. They looked at her. They saw the face. They said “yep – you had better go and get her!’

So I rang the pound and said “we are coming to get that dog, number 900320”. They said “whatever”. Then I said to my boss “gotta go! I am getting a dog!” he said “congratulations!” and we left work and went to blacktown to get her.

Here are photos from her 1st day;

the one above is her in the car as we are driving back.

I love that photo (above). She is looking at me like “are you my mummy?”. yes darling girl. yes I am.

About half way through the car ride home (which takes over an hour) she came over from her spot and sat on my lap.¬†It was really lovely. As if she was¬†saying well alright,¬†I’ll give you guys a chance. ¬†my heart was melting.

We don’t know why she was in the pound. If she was abandoned, lost, or something worse. We dont think she was abused because aside from being skinny she showed no signs of anything horrible.

you can see how skinny she was in this photo on mum and dad’s deck;

But don’t worry, she is not so skinny now.¬†She just went to the vets for her¬†yearly vaccinations and she has put on¬†more then 4kg in her 3¬†years with us.

She has been working on growing… like when we¬†built our raised veggie garden;

here she is saying “I want to grow! like the vegitamables!’

she tries to grow in other places too… (even in winter while in her winter PJ’s)

we often find her in pot (growing?). She is a pot-head! LOL

¬†I think it worked because even though she has put on a bit more then¬†4 kilos, the vet said we dont have to worry because she is not getting fat. So she must be getting taller! (maybe she is onto something) ūüėČ

So, what did we do for Indai’s anniversary day? We had fun!!

Because…. girls just want to have fun!

Yeah, Indai just wants to have fu-un!

and naps. Indai also wants to have naps.

So 3 years with Indai! I can’t imagine a day without her ūüôā let alone a world without her :-(. So thanks to Beagle rescue¬†for letting us know about Indai, our darling girl. And thanks Blackdown Animal Holding Facility for taking care of her before we could come and get her.

Love you Indai xxx


So after the walk in wardrobe was built we had a proper study area in our bedroom. But it looked a bit sad. And was lacking in function.

It¬†really needed some draws and shelves and things.¬†And although Indai loved that chair – the chair is actually going to end up in¬†the baby’s¬†room someday so we wanted to¬†dissuade her from thinking it was hers.

She loves the study (because she loves to read??) no. Because it has windows with a veiw to the street uninterupted by trees. So she sits in the study and spies on our neighbours, and watches the goings¬†on… she is very nosy.

 I call her Mrs Kravitz, after the character on the old TV show Bewitched who was always spying on Samantha through the blinds from across the street LOL.

Anyway, back to the study…

So, it was not a big job – but it has made a big difference (I think). We just;

  • added some draws that we bought from ikea, for pens, paper etc
  • added a small cupboard, again from ikea, for the paper shredder and cartridges etc
  • kept the ‘saw horse’ style legs on the window side of the desk because they let the light in from the windows
  • added some small shelves to the wall above the desk
  • hung the art I bought in Laos (finally)
  • moved the bookshelf slightly
  • replaced Indai’s spying chair with a couple of floor cushions and a blanket for her

here are the results;

and from a different angle;

¬†As you can see Indai still likes the study, even though her favorite chair has gone ūüė¶

Husbot and I like it much better too.

We also used one of those shelves to improve our Tibetan cabinet/tv area. Which was REALLY sad.

That is a really beautiful Tibetan cabinet that Husbot and I bought in Nepal and shipped to Aus with some other things. And we love the cabinet.

But clearly it was being completly ruined by having the TV and other crap on top of it like that. So we have finally done something about it.

¬†hhhmm, I dont think that photo shows the cabinet in the best light – but it is the only one I have ūüė¶

Still I think you can see that moving the TV away makes the cabinet stand alone and so its beautiful features do not become hidden by all the cables and crap. It is a feature cabinet once again – not a TV stand! Yay!

So it is back to work today. Which is ok really, I love my job.

But it was really nice to have a break. We spent the first five days of the holidays with husbots family in Perth. Which was actually really nice ūüôā

We go to Perth every other year to spend Christmas with Husbots family, and then with my family here in Sydney the other year. I dread going to Perth usually and get a bit stressed about it. I can hear you saying “WHAT!! But I LOVE WA!!” yes yes yes.

There are heaps of awesome things to do in Western Australia, I know. There is the wine region of Margaret River, tall trees near Pemberton, Whales near Albany, Dolphins near Bunbury/Busselton, the Pinnacles and all sorts of awesome things to visit as a tourist. I know Рwe have done those things.

But you cant do that every year. Because tourist things take a long time to get to in a big state like WA and we are there to visit Husbots family. It is not cool to be like “ok – see you! We are going away for 4 days to Ningaloo reef!’ and only spend 2 days with them. they would be like “I thought you came to visit us!!!”

So we kind of just sit around my in-laws house in Perth for 5 days – yay! Because we ARE there to visit them.

But actually this year it was quite relaxing. I did some sewing on my Mother in Laws 45 year old sewing machine ūüôā we also caught up with a good friend. And we just chillaxed a bit. Probably because we knew when we got back to Sydney we had to do a lot of work on our house to get it ready for the renovation.

Here is one of my favorite parts of Perth….

It is a dog beach called either Mosman Park beach (the signs said that) but I think it is better known as Leighton Beach. But it is such a great dog beach!

That is me – looking a bit windswept! With Husbot’s family dog Pikku. Indai of course was not with us ūüė¶ she was having a¬†holiday with her Sydney grandparents, Pop-Bill and¬†Ama-la, she loves them so that is ok.

Pikku is a beautiful dog. He is a Japanese Spitz,¬†otherwise known as a Shiba Inu. Husbots family wanted a¬†Finnish Spitz but could not get one in WA at the time so they got a¬†Shiba (who look almost the same). Pikku’s full name is¬†Pikku Karhu which means ‘Little Bear’ in Finnish because he looked like a teeny little bear when¬†he was a¬†puppy.

¬†You can see that Pikku is on a lead. Most dogs on the dog beach run around off the lead – but that is not how Pikku rolls! Still he has a lot of fun ūüôā

When we walk Pikku often people ask if he is a dingo (Australia’s native dog) but he is not. He does have dingo colours though. He is a beautiful dog.

Here he is playing with Husbot in the backyard. He is about 12 years old Рbut he still looks so cute like a puppy!

But back to¬†the beach! We love it and we are so jealous. There is nothing like this in Sydney. All the dog¬†beaches in Sydney are¬†either river or harbour beaches and dont have waves and the same beach feel. Indai and Nanook manage to have a good time, but they are not really places for the whole family to enjoy…

not like this!

¬†anyway we did more over the holidays – there are sewing projects to blog about, renovation projects to blog about etc etc. But I have¬†to go off to work now…..

(obvious title… I know)

Anyway, in this last week we had some pre-renovation work done on the house. Mostly it was just about getting the electrician in to do the bits that were not going to be covered by the big reno job. Lights and fans in the bedrooms.

But also – because we will be practically living in our bedroom for the three months of the renovation we needed that space to be comfortable.

I was home with Indai for the first day – but in all it took 3 days for them to do the job! Since we did not want to get in their way Indai and I hung out in the ‘utility room’ for the day. It was raining and Indai was sad (she hates any water that falls on her…) so she mostly slept on the daybed. And I did some sewing… more on that in another post…

Actually there is more to it then that Рthe electricians were pretty good but not great about checking that the front door was closed properly behind them Рso Indai was actually attached to the daybed for much of the day (except when it stopped raining and we went out for walkies).

Indai was lucky that for the next two days her pop-bill could come over and look after her (while he was doing a few things around the house).

But what were they doing? Well, making a big mess for one! hahaha

But they were also;

  • Installing pendant lights beside our bed so we dont need table lamps
  • Installing another fan in our bedroom and repositioning our current one
  • installing powerpoint where there was none before (we had many many extension cords before)
  • installing a light in the new walk in robe
  • installing celing fans with lights in each of the downstairs bedrooms
  • installing pendant lights in the hallway
  • installing pendant lights in the front room

Big list!

I can’t believe this is our pre-reno job!

here are some before and after pics;

This is the green room (bed 2) which we want to make into the baby’s room… soon. Before it had a fan and celing light – we called the fan the saloon because of its retro stylings.

It now has a nice sleek modern looking fan and light;

The playroom also has a brand new ceiling fan and light exactly the same.

Also in the current lounge room which will become bedroom 4 after the renovations (confused? see the plans here)

Here is how it looked before; a yawn worthy oyster light

and here it is now!

 Ta da! I think it looks a lot better.

The pendant lights were a last minute addition, because I was cleaning out a cupboard on the weekend and found them. They are a batik pattern. Not sure where I got them.

As you can see – Indai loves them

I think I got them at a shop that sells things from Bali. I have never been to Bali but I like some Balinesian things, they are lovely.

Like the pendent lights in our hallway. I have realised now that I¬†never took a¬†photo of our hallway ‘before’ – but there was a very booring wall light in the stairway¬†hall. Now we have these…..

 Yay!! I think they look great. from another view

There is a bit more too. But I think it needs a new post. – Stay tuned! hahaha

I know it might seem strange but I absolutly can not turn off the hope that we will get the call anyday. Like tomorrow.

It would totally be ‘murphy’s law’ in a way if we got the call now. Because our house is already a bit of a mess and will only get worse for the next few months. As I said earlier Husbot and I will be basically living in our bedroom the whole time the renovation is happening.

And Indai? Well she will be living with pop-bill and ama-la (her grandparents) because we can’t risk the builders leaving doors and gates open and not watching her, she could easily run onto the road ūüė¶ so to be sure she will be off site the whole time.

Even for the few days of having workmen in I realised it would be soooo difficult to have a child during a renovation. The electricians tried to be tidy and clean up after themselves, but still there was grit and dust all over the floor and in some parts little bits of the ceiling and walls that had fallen down. Not to mention the noise and general disruption.

But even so… I can’t switch this feeling off – this hope. Every day I hope we are one day closer to the call¬† and each night before I go to sleep I feel sad that there is a little child somewhere in the world who is living in instutional care who needs a family. I mean if the call happens in the next few months before the build is finished then we will certainly find a way, it is our top priority so we WILL make it work no matter what.

what do you think? Will Murphy’s law apply here? What are the chances?

So when we moved into the house the 3rd bedroom inherited, the futon and some draws, also we painted it Academy Grey (which is actually a shade of blue!). It was pretty daggy but actually when we took the photos to send to Thailand it was the most child-friendly looking room in the house. Because I put some of my old teddy bears in there and I had made curtains for the room by sewing a nice blue sari to some plain white curtains:

However we, like many adoptive parents, were in that quandry of how much do you do before you are matched with your child? I mean we were never going to be the kind of ‘pink is for girls/blue is for boys” parents, it was not that. But more – how much do you set up now and then how long does it all sit there for? Does it create false hope? Or does it do something else? Like…. tell the universe you are ready for a baby!

The term ‘hurry up then wait’ does not really apply to adoptive parents. it is more like ‘wait, wait, wait… wait some more – then hurry up!” since the process and waiting can take years and years (we are 18 months in Australia aproval process and¬†now nearly 16 months with our file in Thailand so 2.8 years altogether¬†already). BUT once you get ‘THE PHONE CALL!!” you could be traveling to meet your child in just weeks.

Anyway a friend of ours, who also said we should do the Green Tara puja (to remove all obsticles between us and our child) said that we should create a welcoming space in our home. I thought it was good advice.

here is what I have done so far;

All of the toys on top of the bookcase are made by me. Which is also part of my ‘creating a welcoming space’ process. The others are also mostly handmade (just not by me). Things I have picked up in Thailand, Australia, Cambodia, Nepal, Laos etc. The stars I bought a long time ago while in a market in Sydney with a friend – the elephants on the window sill I bought in Nepal while there in 2009 for that same friends wedding ūüôā

Indai and I love to come into this room and sit. We think about the baby (well I do! Who knows what she is thinking of hahaha!). We sit on the little lounge and I read some of the story books we have out loud to her, to practice for the baby. Indai loves this room

I often find here in this room, by herself. Having a quiet moment.

I feel like she knows it is a special room, that we are preparing for a special little someone.

Here are close ups of the pictures on the wall. I bought them in Cambodia. I love them

they are lovely depictions of life in Asia. People crammed onto motorbikes, tuk tuks/rickshaws, elephants, monks, temples.
Yes it is a very stylised version – but it is all things you see.

I bought them at the ‘Russian’ Market in Phnom Penh. I got them 3 for $15 – bargan! Especially when I saw very very similar ones selling at the airport for around $200! I think I bough knock-offs! LOL oh well. I just loved the child like painting style¬†and the scenes they depict. I didnt know they were supposed to be by a famous artist.

My Dad made the colourful frames. He loves doing grand-dad things for his grand-kids, even for the grandkids he has not met
yet ūüôā

I have moved my whole practice in here. I don’t actually use the shrine room I have out the front anymore. I will again later, but for now Green Tara is concentrating on this room. I love to be in here, meditating. focusing on my future child, focusing on removing all the obsticles between my child and their loving home.

I think this is a welcoming space – even though it is far from finished. It wont be finished until there is a little occupant in here! But as well as a welcoming space it is also a hopeful space.

We hope that very soon this stripe dog will be cuddled by a new and very much loved member of the family!


So we actually did this a little while ago. During a public holiday long weekend earlier in the year.

But now I will catch the blog up now on where we are at with it all.

So, from when we first moved in I knew the wardrobe space in the main bedroom was not going to cut it. There was a built in robe, but for some reason it only had a teeny tiny amount of hanging space – and it was all 1/2 hanging space – no long hanging space. See:

behind all the other doors of the built in robe was shelves which was no good for me.

Husbot helped out by converting the fridge space in the bedroom kitchenette into long hanging space for some dresses and thing Рskirts had to sit on a shelf (are you saying WHAT??? who has a kitchenette in their bedroom?? check out the plans here);

but really…. it was far from satisfactory. hahahaha

so Husbot started telling me he would make a walk in robe for us. “But your not a carpenter?” I would say “Your a lawyer who now works for NGO’s… what makes you think you can build a walk in robe?”

His reply – ” I have watched some You Tube tutorials” (!!!!!!!)

So for about I year I kept saying no. I did not believe You Tube tutorials were adequate training and refused. Then Husbot conceded to my demands to get a quote from a REAL carpenter. It was thousands and thousands of dollars!!!  much more then we had planned.

So suddenly you tube tutorials looked a whole lot better to me! hahahaha¬† and I said he could go ahead ūüôā

first we planned it out.

I just wanted something simple – two sides (his and hers) with a shelf on each side, a rail for short and long hanging and draws for other stuff.

To explain: the tape is where the walls go.

There are 4 Ikea malm draws and 1 Ikea expedit for my handbags  to make sure we will fit everything in

and there you have the begining of a wall.

Was I nervous when we nailed the bottom batton to the floor? why yes I was! – it would be hard to undo and our floors are really nice – would have hated to ruin them for nothing!

It was a family affair – Indai was foreman (fore-dog?) for the day.

those things there are called noggings – see… you tube tutorials can even teach me how to be a carpenter!

then we put the gyprock on. I had no idea before but I know now – gyprock is really really heavy!

because my Dad loves to build stuff he had started being involved now – also because the project had run longer then the long weekend. Anyway when the frame for the shelf went up I felt like it was moving along.

we did everything ourselves. The gyprocking, plastering, sanding, painting etc. Our only helper was Dad (and Indai)

with the clothes rail in and the shelf on top of the frame we were almost done!

just had to add clothes!

Husbot has the right hand side. I have the left (except that I have stolen a little of husbots for my skirts). Of course the space above the draws is for short hanging and then there is space at the back for long hanging. There are also shoe racks at the back on either side of the book case. The books case is full of my handbags and there is space for a washing basket at the front on the right.

we now have two seperate areas in the bedroom. Study on the left and walk in robe on the right.

there is still some stuff to finish on the walk in robe – like light switches, a door etc etc hahaha but we will get to those later. The important thing is that the clothes are now in their proper place and no longer hanging in the fridge recess of the bedroom kitchenette!

so…. maybe you are wondering what we are planning to do with our place? Maybe not! hahahaha

Anyway I thought I would share it with you. Perhaps since I am pretty excited about it.

The current floor plan of our house, developed by the previous owners, has left us with both some really lovely spaces AND some really odd spaces.

The previous owners lived in the house for 30 years or more and did at least two renovations/extensions in their time. So the house which was originally built in the 1920’s developed very much to their taste.

Here is an example of a really lovely space we got when we bought the house…

Indai loves the deck

and here is an example of a very strange weird and awkward space… the utility room…

not so good

this room houses our laundry ‘room’ behind that sliding door, the laundry sink however is in full veiw in the utility room – nice!, then there is the fridge and dishwasher… which are unable to fit in the teeny tiny kitchen.

Now, this might not be so bad (um… actually I think it would) if the Utility room was not also the largest room downstairs, AND the room that looks out directly onto our lovely deck!

So essentially our fridge gets the nicest view in the house and enjoys the most living space – while we sit in the lounge room out the front which is smaller and, while it also has a garden outlook, it is not as nice and beyond that garden is a road. hhmmmmm.

So, now you are understanding why we are making some changes!

here is the downstairs of the house – as it is now. I hope you can understand my hand-drawn houseplan. lol

and yes, that is a built in robe in the study! another nice gift. LOL

and here is a floor plan with the plans for the renovation. Most of this is pretty big stuff that will be done by professional builders. Husbot and I made this using (rather then hand drawn) it is better because it has furniture that is sized to the same as ours (it even has Indai in it – see if you can find her! hehehe)

where's Indai?

So maybe you can already see what we are planning to do. But here is the big list;

  • the archway between the current lounge room and current dining room is going to be bricked up. Which would make the current¬†lounge room into a 4th bedroom.
  • from the new kitchen area (you can see in the 2nd plan) the wall will be extended northwards by about 1.5 meters.
  • the kitchen will move from where it is now to where the dining room is now. And will be big enough to fit in both the fridge and dishwasher (fancy that!)
  • the dining room will move into where the kitchen is now – although it will not be a ‘room’ but part of an open¬†plan living space.
  • the lounge room will move into the room currently labled ‘utility room’
  • the laundry¬†in the new plan is an additional room which will be added onto the end of the house. it will have internal and external access. It will be big enough to fit the laundry sink – thus¬†all awkward parts will be in their proper rooms and¬†the revolution will be complete!
  • the study will have the built in robe removed and new storage, like an understair bookcase, will be added.
  • the bathroom, and two bedrooms will be largely unchanged.

we are also going to add a water tank under the new addition, and we hope to add either or both a solar power unit and/ or a solar hot water unit with a gas booster. We already have gas for heating and cooking.

Those things on the plans that look like propellers from a plane are actually ceiling fans (you just have to imagine them attached to the ceiling –¬†not sitting on the furniture). We dont have air conditioning.

The upstairs is not as complicated because it is essentially one big room with a bathroom. Here is what we inherited when we bought the place…

back to hand drawn. I am not sure I got the proportions exactly right. LOL

so apparently before the previous owners used the upstairs as a granny-flat which would explain the kitchenette! But I don’t really understand how you could make your nanna go upstairs and downstairs all the time.

When we viewed the house there was a bed and a lounge set, the kitchenette and the ensuite with a really small built in robe. It is nice and big but didn’t really use the space well – for us – I mean. We want it to be a bedroom, with a study area and a BIG wardrobe and NO kitchenette! LOL.

bye bye bedroom kitchenette!

we are hoping we can do most of the changes ourselves, some we might need professionals for. But here is what we would like to do;

  • build a walk-in-robe
  • pull out the too small¬†built in robe and reposition the bed into the nook
  • set up the study
  • get rid of the kitchenette (Whoo Hoo!) and replace it with a cupboard
  • replace the vanity in the ensuite with a new one (we might need a professional for this)
  • replace the window in the W.C because it is currently glass bricks *shudder* which I hate.

so that is it! Hopefully it wont take too long!! because although we will have bathrooms the whole time – we wont have a kitchen ūüė¶ AND the worst part is that we think Indai will have do go and live with her Pop-Bill and Ama-La for the whole time. Which is nice for her (they spoil her rotten) but we will miss her so much ūüė¶

anyway, the sooner we start, the sooner we finish!

So, I think I have mentioned a time or two that we have started renovating our place.

Well, that is sort of the case. There are two ways we are working on our house. One is the DIY part, the bits and pieces we can do ourselves. The other is the BIG part – that we need to leave to the professionals. But we moved into our place while we in the process of our application so we just chucked our furniture in as best we could.

So, when we were prepairing our file for Thailand and taking the photos of our house. I really did not know what they would want, so we ended up with 3 pages of photos, the front of the house, the backyard. The main bedroom and the 2 other bedrooms and the living room & dining room. We had been in our place for a bit over a year.

Anyway of course I made a HUGE deal out of it ‚Äď like we were photographing our house for House and Garden magazine or something! Setting up shots (as best I could) bringing in lights from other rooms to get some brighter shots etc. Of course I spend hours doing it and then Husbot pops up and goes ‚Äútry this‚ÄĚ *snap* *snap* *snap* and gets in some great shots in just a
few trys! (because of all the setting up I had done) of course ūüėČ Well maybe they are not great. Because the house needs some work. but they are the best they could be.

Here they are;

Lounge room (with dining and kitchen in background)

The lounge room was really hard to photograph –¬† it is a really dark room because it is in the wrong part of the house. Anyway that is the best shot we could get of it.

Master Bedroom

This room (below)¬†will become the babies room ūüôā

bedroom two

this room is already becoming the playroom (work in progress) but at the time of taking these photos housed our old futon.

bedroom three

I can’t remember if we included this picture or not (LOL) but this is the front room. Which is where my shrine lives, it also has storage cupboards (that are currently the epitome of ugly) and our bookshelf. But anyway here is the pic;

prayer room

In the end it was a real family effort because Indai decided to be number one helper dog. Now we had decided that she should be in at least one shot, since she is a part of the family. But we did not want her in all the shots because we know that dogs in Thailand are a mixed bag. Some Thai’s have dogs as pets, and many hate them and see them as problem street dogs or soi dogs (dirty, tough, scary and potentially rabid). Although we are sure a Thai Social worker would be well aware that in Australia we kept them as pets we were not sure they would appreciate seeing Indai sitting on the lounge or in the bedroom etc.

So there are so many photos that did not end up in the application… the ones where our Indai made herself the star….

This one made the cut;

Indai in the backyard

this one however -did not make the cut LOL

um... no Indai, this is not about you hahahaha

Note the re-arranged furniture? Like I said we were stressing out and treating is like a house and garden magazine shoot. Will Thailand like it this way? Or that way? Stress!!!!

I KNOW we included the next one. But we deliberated about it for ages! Should we? Shouldn’t we? Anyway we did…


Of course one thing we worry about is that it is not a ‘family’ home – by that I mean the children’s rooms don’t look like kids rooms. They are getting closer to that now but no, the house didn’t look like that over a year ago. I presume that is the case for a lot of people and that the social workers in Thailand understand that we are/were just at the begining at the process of getting our house ready for a baby.

So that is it! our place ūüôā I hope Thailand likes it.

To follow up on my post about the street dogs of Thailand, compassion

Here is something you can do if you are concerned about the treatment of dogs, sign the petition to stop the dog meat trade in Thailand:

I really believe that the most humane way of dealing with stray dogs is too;

1. adopt them into loving homes ūüôā but of course that probably will not happen for all the strays in Thailand


2. De-sex (Sterilize) them. So there is not a constant abundance of new unwanted dogs. Having many puppies is a huge strain on the mummy dog and causes her malnutrition (when she is a street dog with barely enough food for herself). The kindest thing is for these dogs to be de-sexed to cut numbers of unwanted dogs.

Udders gets some much needed food from Friends after another litter

Soi Dogs is an organisation who do that. They have also organised the petition above.

Care for Dogs¬†is another organisation based in Chiang Mai. They also do de-sexing. AND! They are currently looking for a forever home for my friend Udder’s puppy called Dumpling – who is SOOOOO cute!

Dumpling and his mum (Udders) on the streets in Mae Sot

There is also a video of Dumpling to attract a forever home…. get ready to say ‘awwwwww’

I am paying to two of my friends de-sexed; Udders and Joon. Hopefully someone will pay for Jet to be de-sexed now that she has had her puppies.

It is the least I can do.

I am staying with a friend of mine while in Mae Sot Thailand.

She, like me, is a dog lover. She lives here and has a very stressful job. During the day she cares for children with complicated medical problems. These children are from Burma, some a refugees, some are internally displaced people who come out of Burma for medical care.

These are children who already have a very hard life¬†living as refugees or in a conflict¬†zone… and then on top of that they get to have¬†a hole in their heart, a cancerous tumor, eye problems etc etc.

The organisation she works for is called Burma Children Medical Fund .It is supported by the aid organisation I work APHEDA  if you ever want to make a donation (which is tax deductable in Aus).

So she has a tough job.

However around this she fits in caring for street dogs. Just some – there are too many to take responsibility for! She does it by raising awareness about the streetdog through the facebook page ‘Benny the Streetdog”

But also by being kind to the dogs.

I have never understood people who are unkind to animals. Animals are not as smart as humans, it is not possible for them to have the kind of complicated thought that we humans have. They cant plan for the future; they are reactive, they cant operate complicated things; like traps and weapons and in fact they can do very little to protect themselves – even from the elements.

Humans who are unkind to animals might feel like they are being tough – by throwing rocks at them or keeping them in cages and taunting them.

But really they are just showing how callous, stupid and weak they are. It is easy to be unkind to animals because they are not smart and often vulnerable.

It is much harder to reach out and be kind to animals. To gain trust of those who have been mistreated. To have compassion for their suffering.

here are some of the animals she cares for – who this week I have been hanging out with too;

Jet who is skinny and pregnant at the same time

Jet only has one eye because people threw rocks at her which made her eye pop out. Luckly because of my friend she was able to get surgery to have the damage eye removed so it did not get infected and now she is a one eyed gal.

Jet is about the give birth and my friend is trying to organise with an animal shelter in another city (because there is not one here) for her to be de-sexed once this litter is born.

Verna - a puppy having puppies

Verna is only about a year old – but already pregnant. I had another friend who did a project in Samoa de-sexing street dogs for free. Thailand needs that. It is a really human way to deal with the problem, for the sake of the dogs and the people.

Verna has an injured leg – me and my friend have been helping her.

Udders - skin and bones

Udders has given birth too many times. She is SUCH a sweetheart! But she has just had another litter of puppies and when she does she gives them all her nutrition. And gets very very sick. So sick that she needs anti-biotics. She used to have westerner owners, who just turned her out on the streets (maybe when she stopped being cute?) and although they are still in town and give her pats they do not care that the other day she was so sick she could not lift her head.

After some TLC this week she energetic and able to care for her puppy again.

I think compassion is a worthy persuit. Compassion toward all humans is good. But compassion towards animals is more special, because it has no narcissistic traits. I can care for something not because it reminds me of me Рor because it can voice thanks to me. Just because all beings deserve love and happiness.