So I know a lot of sisters. It seems I know more sisters all the time! For some reason my family and many of my friends have had girl babies – and… more then one girl! Hence, all the sisters!

When I was little I soooo wanted a sister – all I had was a stinky brother LOL.

But now I understand that sisters can also be hard. (some sisters are stinky too!) or sometimes it is just hard to adjust to being a sister if before you were the only one in the family and had all of mum and dad’s attention.

Often when I am giving a handmade toy to a new baby, I also make something for their older sibling. Since I think sibling rivaliry is tough – especially on little kids.

So when I saw these dolls on Bit of Whimsy I thought they were perfect for some of the new big sisters and their very new little sisters. They are Mae and Baby dolls. I think they are gorgeous!

So I got to work, these are for my good friends daughters, big sister R and her new baby sister Y;

These dolly sister were going to go on a big journey once they were ready because my friend and her husband were taking their family back to Nepal to live for a year… so I had a deadline to get them ready.

 This both dolls are almost ready to go…

here they are! But they can’t go to Nepal without clothes…

The big sister is Asher Mae, and the baby sister is Mya Baby. I made them two skirts to wear depending on their mood (and the fashions in Kathmandu)

So cute!!

So cute that I had to make more right away!

I made these sisters for my cousins girls

As you can see they are both Mae dolls. Because N and E are big girls now – no babies.

So they are matching sisters (not twins) and their skirts match too, here is a close up.

 So you can see that Nelly Mae is in the blue Bunny skirt and Lottie Mae is in the green bunny skirt

And here are their other skirts, if they feel like a change.

so… what’s next? Something tells me there will be more Mae’s and Baby’s in the future!