yes. that is why it has been a case of long time no blog.

So I was in Thailand for 3 weeks, it was of course a work thing. I wrote a post about the first week but other stuff happened of course. Very exhausting stuff…

then when I returned to Australia it was with 2 colleagues from the Thai Burma border and we were in Sydney and Canberra together attending conferences, lobbying politicians, going to govt departments like AusAID and DFAT to try to get some important policy change to help people on the Thai Burma border. This was of course very exhausting stuff..

After all that, when my colleagues went back to Thailand I had more then a week at home – awesome! (you might think) surely now you can un-exhaust (I am aware that this is not a word… hahaha). But NO! it was not to be. Because remember that Husbot and I are renovating our house. So this week was spent;

  • finishing walls/skirting boards
  • painting
  • unpacking rooms filled with stuff into other rooms
  • moving furniture
  • more painting
  • building either new flat pack furniture or furniture we had taken apart to store during the renovation
  • cleaning stuff.


But it is all coming together. So once I am truely un-exhausted (I am MAKING that a word!) I will try to summon the energy to post some pictures. Because it is starting to look good and it really does feel like home now. 🙂