So to change tact a little this is not about the renovation…. phew!

Because I have been doing other things. Yay!

yes, while we have been stuck all squishy like living our entire life in our bedroom I have still been doing some sewing.

during this renovation I have made the funny beetle bugs, and Hecktor Girrafe and also these little guys: Koby Koala!

A friend of mine from the Solomons is pregnant with her first baby, and another friend of mine is expecting her second any day now – but when the baby is born she and her family will go to Nepal to live with his family for a while. So when I was thinking of what to make for these new little babies I though, a Koala! Give these babies a little piece of Australia. 🙂

I decided to make one for Teeny H also, for her 1st birthday – which is coming up soon. And of course I had to make two to go into the playroom and wait for their little friends (my future children). So that makes 5 in total.

the pattern comes from Bit of whimsy Dolls and I think it is super cute!

So I got too it making the Koala’s;

The Bit of Whimsy designer used chenille on Koala’s trim (ears and tummy bit) so I was not sure what to use. I had polar fleece left over from this project from ages ago;  (Bunnies) but I also bought some Faux Fur thinking I would try it.

But at first I was too scared to try the faux fur – it just looked too difficult to work with.

So I used the polar fleece for the first ones – here is how they turned out;

But I was not too happy with how they turned out. Too babyish!! Which is kind of a weird thing to think, since I mostly make toys for baby’s LOL.

But still I like the toys to look a little bit funkier then that. a bit less babyland/babyworld/babyuniverse and a bit more groovy.

So I got brave and took on the faux fur:

It wasnt that hard to work with after all;

even the ears were ok in the end;

of course I was a bit more worried when it came to the sewing it all together step;

When you have the two pieces of material for the ears (faux fur) and then two pieces for the head of the Koala, it gets a bit thick.

But then it all worked out! Look at this little guy – he is almost done! Just needs his legs;

For some reason I thought it would be hilarious to photograph these Koala’s in our gum tree, 🙂

I am not sure where this one will end up, I would love to keep him for the playroom – but maybe he will go to the Solomon Islands?

This one is for Teeny H, for her birthday! I hope she likes it!

This one is absolutly going to stay in the playroom for our future baby – I think he is gorgeous!

This one might go to Nepal? we will have to see…

 And this is the last one I made! The sleepy one…

And here I put two together in the branch, to have a Koala cuddle 🙂

Just like the real thing, huh? LOL