even if they are going well. You know what I mean?

I don’t want to complain too much because aside from two little issues where there was a wrong door ordered (door drama) and some things not measured out right on the plans (architect fail) things have been going really smoothly.

But I am going to say about the sucky things now because it is real and I heard criticisms where blogers are accused of only promoting the positive things in their lives. Like, never showing their house looking untidy, talking about their relationships as if they never have any problems etc

I tend to think adoption blogs keep things pretty real. Almost because there is no other choice, adoption is all about ups and downs.

So I should be real about this too. I dont want anyone doing a reno thinking it will be completly easy. We have great builders who we communicate well with and so far everything is pretty much happening on schedule BUT….

I don’t love living like this;

It is pretty cramped living in the bedroom. That little camping table is; where we work on the computer, where we eat, where I do my sewing etc etc.

You can see that Indai is there – but she is only with us on the weekends 😦 for the rest of the week she is at my mum and dads having a holiday. We miss her and we are getting tired of not having her around.

When she is with us she gets a bit bored, because our fences are down etc so she can only go outside if we are with her. She does like sniffing around the new extension but…

In general I dont think she is all that impressed.

"erm... no, this is not fun for me"

But mostly it is not fun for us – because we miss her so much. Weekend visitation is just not enough. It sucks.

Other things that suck are slightly less emotional. Like that the front of my house looks like this:

Where those piles of stuff are, we used to have a nice lawn and garden.

This is our driveway;

Niiiiccee! huh! Such a beautiful feature at the front of my house. No wonder people seem to be throwing rubbish into our yard.

And here is our backyard 😦

so sad.

The playroom now looks like this:

Because it is storing so much stuff. But it used to be like this (evolution of a playroom)  but having a little baby sanctuary place where I came to prepare my heart and mind for our future bubs it not possible at the moment 😦 totally sucks.

There is dust all over our house. All. The. Time.

sometimes it is full on grit under your feet – THAT SUCKS! You are probably thinking ‘if it was my house I would vaccum all the time’ yeah. But it does not help all that much. It only takes off the top layer. You need to vaccum AND mop. And really who has the time for that? So we have developed a method for keeping the dust and grit away from upstairs at least. And we vaccum, or sweep when it is all getting to much of course. But really the battle with dust will not be won until the build is over. It is impossible. and it sucks.

Other then that the last sucky thing is kind of silly! Our builders are always on site SO EARLY.

I am an early riser, always have been. But even if I am up and in the shower by 6am (which I am every day) I am not happy about having people in my house by 6:45… like there are every day while this build is on. They can not start making noise until 7am… so they get here at 6.40am, 6.45am and prepare things… so right on the dot of 7am they can do this;

damn diligent builders! LOL, I know, I know it is a silly complaint to have builders who show up early every day. But like I said at the begining, this is an indulgently wingey blog post.  And there are many many days when I dont feel like being dressed and ready to go by 6.45 am! I am sure you understand deep down in your heart.

So yeah, even though this build is exciting and going really really well. Some parts are just plain sucky – and I think there is nothing that can be done about it. Lucky we do not have too much longer to go! 🙂