So this one might not be very exciting for people other then Husbot and I. But it was pretty exciting for Husbot and I. The roof.

We have had a shitty rainy summer this summer. And so all through our build we have had people asking us “how is the raid affecting your build?” and “have you had much rain delay?” To be honest we have not. Our builders are champions and the bricklayers had some internal weather sensing mechanism that allowed them to predict when a cloudy morning was actually going to fine up. So things kept moving.

But the day our builders were putting up the roof trusses was a horrible, cold, wet and windy day. I mean it was awful. We kept telling our builders to go home but they were like “we have our raincoats…”

here is what they did on one of the most miserable days of the year;

when we asked why they didnt go home they were like “well, apart from the weather we had the best day… every cut was perfect, everybeam went in right, great day… apart from the weather”  (undersatement of the year)

 you can see how wet the floor got…

next the electrician came along to put the wires in for the lights, ceiling fans, power switches, smoke alarms etc. It was pretty hard to decide where every. single. switch and light bulb was going to go when you are looking at an empty shell of a room.

but here it is;

Next the colourbond sheets went on. the rest of our house has concrete tiles. But this section has colourbond – because it is too flat for tiles, since it sits under the top deck.

so it looks pretty good right?

But most important it works! Now when there are horrible, cold, windy, rainy days we dont have to worry – we have a roof!

so yeah, probably not the most exciting update. But we were pretty  thrilled to have a roof over our new bit. I cant remember what week we were up to by the time the roof went on – maybe week 6? or around then.

It looks a bit dark in there doesnt it? Well that is partly because it was a dark day AND because most of these photos we take at dusk (when we get home from work around 6.30 /7pm) but also because with the brick on the wall and no gyprock on the ceiling and walls, no floorboards etc the light is all getting sucked away, not bounced around. It should lighten up soon.