So, my last post detailed the complete knock down of the back of my house (its a knock down), but fear not! It was all part of the plan! What plan? The plan for a better house, detailed here (so, what’s the plan?)

You will see from looking at that plan that the back part of our houer (from the old dining room) was going to become wider to give us a big open plan room back there. This room will house the kitchen, dining and living areas and a new and additional room will be built onto the back of the house to house the laundry.

Here is how the side of the house was before. You can see that we have about 3 meters between our house and our fence.For this build we will only be moving about 1.5 meters closer to the fence, still alowing a good gap between us and our neighbours.

because the laundry was getting built onto the back of the house, this garden at the back had to be removed. 😦 I hated seeing any of my garden go.

our vegie patch had to be destroyed too. 😦 but that was just to give the builders enough room to work… here it is before:

and after when the trenches for the new walls are built.

 like what we have done with the place? hahahahaha

I promise it will get better! And we will re build the vegie patch when this whole thing is over.

so next the bricks arrived and the brick delivery guy decided to use his machine to destroy our front lawn!

but apparently building is a very destructive thing, so what can you do. Add, front landscaping to our post build to do list!

At least now there were bricks we could see walls appear!

As you can see all the walls down here are double brick. It is an expensive choice but it is the best choice. It has good thermal mass properties, cool in summer, warm in winter.

all of the downstairs of our house is double brick so the choice was a no brainer for us. BUT the old ‘utility room’ which was an extention built by the previous owners was not double brick. And neither is the upstairs extension built by the previous owners. The difference in the thermal properties between upstairs and downstairs is noticable. VERY noticable. Upstairs gets very very hot in summer and is hard to warm up in winter. But we have already done some things to try to mitigate the problems upstairs, and will do some more in this build…. still avoiding the problems downstairs was top priority!

here are the walls going up!

Now it is starting to look like a house! (yes? no?) You can see here the difference between the old and new parts… there is our beautiful arch (between the old lounge and old dining rooms)

and then with some underflooring stuff down (we will be getting floorboards) and the windows in you can start to picture our home as our home, yes?

so, there we go! If you think Husbot and I were feeling excited at this stage (which was some weeks into the build – maybe a month into it) then imagine how we felt when the roof started going on and we no longer saw blue sky above our new lounge room! hehehe coming up soon…..