so. we are pretty close to finishing these renos. All we have left is for me to skip the country, head off to the land of smiles next week, and leave Husbot to deal with the Kitchen instalation. eeeaasy!

But if it wasnt for the unfortunate timing of my laptop dying you would have been ‘in the loop’ all the way along. Through every long suffering week, where Husbot and I have been living our entire existance in our bedroom while our house has been smashed apart and put back together. Wouldn’t that have been exciting! Really! Anyway I am going to try to catch these events up in a few photographic blog posts…

In case you’re not sure what we are doing to the place, it is all detailed here: (renovation plans) or if you don’t know why were are fixing things up I have detailed what is wrong with the house here; (so, whats wrong with the house?) or maybe you were not sure where we were up to in January when we were getting things ready to start, it here (packing up the house).

this one is called THE KNOCKDOWN…

So here is where we were up to… 1/2 house empty;

confused Indai…

"what's going on Mummy?"

This sign sent the warning out;

Then it all started coming down. Kitchen – gone

Next the doors were off and the back room was being knocked down;

where were the insides of our house going? Well out the side window of course!

(it all then was put on a truck and carted off)

Except our old sliding doors – they were re-installed in our archway (between our old lounge room and old dining room) So the builders could make themselves a site office and lock up their gear

then things started coming down for real;

 it became very alfresco out there!

here is the same part of the house from a different angle (from our upstairs bedroom window) you can see down there because the deck aand roof are gone

more walls gone now;

yup, it is pretty knocked down;

 So that is the first week or so of our renovation!

Mucho Destructo! Thankfully the rest of the process has been more about building then tearing things down. But this was how is begun!