I dont really write much about my husband. He is shy.

You are very familiar with his foot! It, allong with sleepy Indai is the star of my header…. But he does not like me to talk about him much so I usually respect that.

But not today. We had a little awww moment on the weekend and I feel like sharing.

We see our little nieces as often as we can because we love them and they are completly adorable. Little Z is 2 now and a little chatterbox, Teeny H will turn 1 next month. they are really lots of fun!

When we went over on Saturday afternoon Little Z was busy playing but Teeny H was at the window – staring out a bit forlornly… her mum had gone out for a little while. So we arrived and I saw her face go from expectation “the door – maybe mummy has come back!” to bitter bitter dissapointment when it was just us (LOL) “your NOT my mummy’ was written all over her little face.

Then she burst out crying. Husbot was already engaged in conversation with Little Z, my brother was taking the dogs out the back. I was looking a bit hopeless as my teeny little niece cried her eyes out. Husbot says “pick her up!” um… ‘but she doesnt want me!” so I did but as soon as my brother came back in the room I ploped her in his arms.

then she settled down. all good.

Later on we were out the back and I was with Little Z in her cubby house. Teeny H was on the lawn. Husbot was watching her. My brother was somewhere else. Teeny H starts wailing again….

what does Husbot do?

Without prompting he picks her up… he pats her back and ‘there there’s her over and over until there are no more tears. Happy baby!

And he kept going even when my brother came back. – no baby palm off like I did earlier! (whoops!)

I was really proud that he was braver then me 🙂 and able to bring that bubs back from cryfest to happy smiles!

I think he is going to be a good Dad 🙂