So I have a computer again -yay! I can blog again -yay!

I cant really hope to catch up on everything that has been going on around here for the past while, because blogging is not really like that. But, I will try to update on the renovation soon. We coming onto week 10 and the whole thing was going to take 12 or 13 weeks and we are pretty much on schedule so it is all good. yay.

I have still been crafting though all through the renovation on the teeny little camping table set up in our bedroom so I can catch up on that. Starting with…… Hecktor Girrafe!

The pattern for Hector Girrafe came from The Big Book of Softies and Hecktor is described as “a funky alien-like girrafe”and I could not agree more! LOL

The story behind making Hector is that months and months ago I was talking to a friend of mine who lives and works in Thailand with a fantastic organisation I work with called the Karen Women Organization. Anyway I was telling her how I have started to craft and she said “thats great!” then later in an email she said “my birthday is coming up…. what are you going to make me?” or something like that. And I said “Challenge accepted!!”

I really liked the idea of making something for an adult. But I wanted to make it true to my usual crafting style also (similar type creature and fabrics) so I looked through the pattern books I have for something that would appeal to both a child and an adult and I thought that Hecktor Girraffe fitted the bill. He had the right amount of stature and gravitas (LOL) and also the right amount of fun.

So here is how it started:

cutting cutting cutting bits out;

One of the biggest challenges when making something (not just hecktor girrafe) is picking the fabrics. Which colour/pattern for which part? You want it to go, but not be too matchy matchy. But then you dont want to put a fabric in that clashes so much that it ruins the toy. I am always thinking of the person it is indended for and trying to make something they would like… which is hard because of my rule; whatever I make I make it for the intended people (new baby, childs birthday, friend in Thailand) and then make 2 extra to put into our playroom waiting for our children who will one day come and play with them. It is only hard since I dont know our children yet. So I try to make things pretty gender neutral (not that I am much of a pink is for girls, blue is for boys person anyway) but I try to have a good mix….

Anway I spend a lot  of time on the fabric selection part some times…. fiddling with it right up until the end.

Like here, does this look best?

or does this work better?

the next part that takes the longest are the faces. Because they have to have personallity!

As you can see from above I decided to make 4 Hecktor Girraffes; 1 for my friend in Thailand, 2 for our future babies to wait in the playroom and the last one is for my niece Teeny H, whose 1st birthday is coming up next month.

Because they are Giraffes I decided to photograph them in nature of course! So here are the finished Hector Giraffes!

This one is now in Thailand with my friend 🙂 she said she really likes him. And she said (without me asking) that she love the colours so YAY! all that thinking planning and working it out was worth it! phew…

These ones are going into the playroom to wait for their lovely little friends (my future children) to give them love and cuddles;

And this one is waiting for Teeny H to turn one so she can give him a big hug 🙂

So thats all there is about Hecktor Girrafe. What do you think? Do you think he looks like a Girrafe? Or like an alien? Or like neither? Well…. he looks like the picture in the pattern so I know I got that right… as to whether he looks like a girrafe…. I just dont know about that one…