so. I feel pretty down at the moment.

Lots of things really. Mostly work actually. I just have so much to do all the time and I never feel on top of it all ūüė¶

But every now and then adoption stuff creeps up too.

Like when I see this video (below) it is of the little baby girl I met last time I was in Thailand. Naut (all humans are born equal) She is Burmese, she is at the Mae Tao clinic which the organisation I work at supports. Her health care is lokoed after by BCMF, who we also support. So I know she is in good hands.

But just like back in February I am so sad that she does not have a mummy and daddy. All children need them. But sick children need them most of all. They need advocates and loving hugs to get them through. It is not a secret. I wish I was Naut’s mummy. I wish I could keep this little girl safe and help her to get well. But unfortunatly it is not possible even though I am approved to adopt a child and she is a child who needs a family.

Here is beautiful Naut’s story (so far):