So. Right about the time when my house is in absolute chaos.

My work is so busy I could not be any more up to my eyeballs in stuff.  etc etc

My computer decides to stop working. It did not really explode. It was more of a whimper then a bang really. We actually have been having signals of it for a few weeks. So, thankfully I was able to save all of my photos, our adoption files, work stuff, personal stuff etc onto an external hard drive.

But that does mean that it is really hard to blog. Because although I am blogging now from work (to tell you why the blogs have slowed down to a stop) I really dont like to do that and cant really do that because I am so busy at the moment.

So there is about 5 weeks of building renovations I would like to catch you up on but…. they are all photos and that is too much to do when you dont have a computer!

I also have kept sewing a little bit through the renos but… again that is a lot of pictures to post and it is difficult to do that.

hhhmmm…. stay tuned. Hopfully  I will get a new computer soon (yay! one more thing to buy at a time when we have so many expenses!!) and be able to blog again and catch everybody up!