So it is quite chaotic here. I am up to my ears in work. AND we are in our 5th week of the reno.

I had intended to blog with photos of the reno as we were going along with weekly updates at least…. but of course it was WAY too crazy here for me to stay on top of it.

So I will try to catch you up a bit.

Before the reno we;

  • packed up the whole house (I mean everything – each room is either packed up or a storage place)
  • did some work on our gardens before they were ruined by the diggers etc
  • did some ‘anti-rain’ dances because we have had the wettest summer here for a looong time and that is not good when they are ripping your roof off and walls down.

But the good news is that the build it going well (so far) everything is on schedule so far and we have not been too affected by the rain  (knock on wood). In another couple of weeks they will have finished the roof/walls/floor/windows and then it is all internals.

Anyway here are some update pictures.

Our old lounge room has gone from this;

to this

The playroom has gone from this;

to this;

(there is even more stuff in there now)

the 2nd bedroom (spare room which will be the baby’s room in the future) used to look like this;


It now looks like this;

it is our temporary kitchenette;

we are pretty much living in our bedroom – very close quarters. Kind of getting cabin fever every now and then.

More updates are coming – ones that actually show the work that is going on!