So, the other day I had a baby shower to go to and also my little friend, baby M (the new daughter of my friend and colleague) was coming to visit us at the office for the first time. I thought I should make something but  I wanted it to be simple.

I decided to re-visit an old pattern: Beetle Bugs! Which I had made before about a year ago, here. They are actually good for new babies because they are quite small, and colourfull, very light and with their 4 legs it makes them easy to grip.

Anyway I don’t usually make things that I have made before…. in fact I had not really done it before. I dont know why. But I thought since I had made them before it would not be hard. The pattern is from The big book of Softies

Here is the page from the book showing what the beetle bug is supposed to look like:

so I got to work. Because I was making them on Saturday and the baby shower was on Sunday…

 as usual the faces take the longest to do (because you have to make sure they have personality!)

As you can see, even though I only had events for baby M and baby S, I made 3 beetle bugs – because of my rule of always having 2 of the same toy put aside in our play room for our baby(s) in the future.

It was all going pretty well.

two beetle bugs were sewn perfectly. And then…… disaster!

somehow on the 3rd one… I accidently had sewn the face in upside down… and backwards!

eeekk!! So as you can see. This little guy has a frown instead of a smile 😦 and his frown is on his forehead… um… wrong.

as to why he faces the wrong way… well I dont really know why. My only guess is that upside down equals backwards (!?)

Anyway, I could fix this little guy a bit.

I unpicked his frowny-forehead and re-sewed his smile at the bottom of his face. But obviously that was not the end of his problems… his legs were also a bit off. I don’t know why.

Anyway, I guess it is just a good lesson that things don’t always turn out perfectly. And that sometimes it is our imperfections that make us unique!

So the two Beetle Bugs that turned out well (both on the right) went to Baby S and Baby M.

And the imperfect one is in our playroom 🙂 As devistated as I was at first that my sewing went horribly wrong, I now really like my imperfect Beetle Bug! He will always fly ‘the other way’ to his friends, always face them with his smile! He is an individual. And I think he is a sweetie!!