with us! Was Sunday ūüôā I was going to blog Sunday to say YAY!!! 3 years of Indai!!! But we were having too much fun to do that.

We were also moving furniture. But more on that later…

Back to Indai.

We got Indai from Blacktown pound on 22 January 2009. We had just found our house but were waiting for all the paperwork to finish. Still, I had been wanting a dog for soooo long that I was already looking online to see which pooch would be ours.

I was looking on Beagle rescue NSW¬†because I knew we wanted a Beagle. I¬†had a beagle¬†cross years ago and¬†he was the best dog ever, but be warned if you are new to beagles – they can be escape¬†artists! They follow their nose! And they¬†don’t like being lonely ūüė¶

Beagle rescue is a great service. It is part of the Beagle Club of NSW. But if you love another breed of dog then check  if there is a rescue site/service for that breed, like; Dalmation rescue, Cattle dog rescue, Labrador rescue etc

They did not have Indai listed as a re-home and she was not in foster care. She was actually just listed as a link to Blacktown pound.¬†¬†ūüė¶ here is what she looked like…

sorry about the quality of the picture. I did not think to¬†save the picture from the webpage so I¬†just scanned an old print out we had.¬†But I hope you can see her face. Her beautiful, hopeful face. It breaks my heart. She is looking at someone as if to say “are you going to take care of me?’ with her hopeful eyes. I know they are not. ūüė¶¬† I mean it is not their fault – there are so many animals at the facility…. Anyway, she had a time period to wait – in case she had a family who were looking for her. But after that she had very little time before she would be euthanased. ūüė¶

So I watched to see if her time expired and once she went in the danger zone. I pounced.

As I said before we had just signed the contract on our house, but we had to wait out the settlement period.¬† So Husbot was not expecting me to find us a dog that day. Also we were going to Nepal for 3 weeks for a friends wedding and a holiday only a couple of weeks after I said “um… honey… come look at this dog on Beagle rescue…”. No he was not expecting us to get a dog that day…

But I could not ignore that face. no way. That face needed a home.

So I called my Mum and Dad and asked if they wouldnt mind doggy-sitting for a few weeks (or maybe it would be a couple of months?) they said… ‘no’ ūüė¶¬†they didnt want to do it and I should wait until we had the house. Then¬† I said get on the internet and look at her!!¬† I said she is in the pound and I can’t wait for settlement to finish. They looked at her. They saw the face. They said “yep – you had better go and get her!’

So I rang the pound and said “we are coming to get that dog, number 900320”. They said “whatever”. Then I said to my boss “gotta go! I am getting a dog!” he said “congratulations!” and we left work and went to blacktown to get her.

Here are photos from her 1st day;

the one above is her in the car as we are driving back.

I love that photo (above). She is looking at me like “are you my mummy?”. yes darling girl. yes I am.

About half way through the car ride home (which takes over an hour) she came over from her spot and sat on my lap.¬†It was really lovely. As if she was¬†saying well alright,¬†I’ll give you guys a chance. ¬†my heart was melting.

We don’t know why she was in the pound. If she was abandoned, lost, or something worse. We dont think she was abused because aside from being skinny she showed no signs of anything horrible.

you can see how skinny she was in this photo on mum and dad’s deck;

But don’t worry, she is not so skinny now.¬†She just went to the vets for her¬†yearly vaccinations and she has put on¬†more then 4kg in her 3¬†years with us.

She has been working on growing… like when we¬†built our raised veggie garden;

here she is saying “I want to grow! like the vegitamables!’

she tries to grow in other places too… (even in winter while in her winter PJ’s)

we often find her in pot (growing?). She is a pot-head! LOL

¬†I think it worked because even though she has put on a bit more then¬†4 kilos, the vet said we dont have to worry because she is not getting fat. So she must be getting taller! (maybe she is onto something) ūüėČ

So, what did we do for Indai’s anniversary day? We had fun!!

Because…. girls just want to have fun!

Yeah, Indai just wants to have fu-un!

and naps. Indai also wants to have naps.

So 3 years with Indai! I can’t imagine a day without her ūüôā let alone a world without her :-(. So thanks to Beagle rescue¬†for letting us know about Indai, our darling girl. And thanks Blackdown Animal Holding Facility for taking care of her before we could come and get her.

Love you Indai xxx