So, today our ticker hits 1 year and 6 months since our file traveled to Thailand. 18 months.

18 months used to be the average wait time. now it is not. Now the average wait time is 3 years plus. I know people who have been waiting longer.

We were told waaayyy back in Oct 2008 that the wait was 18 months (as I said before here). So if that was true I would be getting very expectant about a phone call right about now.

But by the time our file had traveled to Thailand it was obvious that the waiting times were blowing out, and now the waits were much longer. In fact we were lucky that our file went at all, because Thailand had frozen the program because there were too many files, as I said before we were a replacement file.

But now the wait is 30 something months on average – or even longer. So we are only half way through.

Well, maybe. Matches are not done chronologically, they are dones some other magical way where parents are matched perfectly with the child for them. So it means someone whose file was sent after ours could be matched sooner then us. or the other way, that we could be matched sooner then someone whose file was sent before ours. No one really knows how the Thai authorities know which parents will be perfect for which child.

I wonder if we are closer to our child? I wonder if he or she is born already? If they are already known to the authorities that will one day match them to us. I heard that yesterday was a matching day… who knows if there will be any good news for any of my friends, and subsequently for their babies waiting in Thailand for a forever family to love them. xxx