So after the walk in wardrobe was built we had a proper study area in our bedroom. But it looked a bit sad. And was lacking in function.

It really needed some draws and shelves and things. And although Indai loved that chair – the chair is actually going to end up in the baby’s room someday so we wanted to dissuade her from thinking it was hers.

She loves the study (because she loves to read??) no. Because it has windows with a veiw to the street uninterupted by trees. So she sits in the study and spies on our neighbours, and watches the goings on… she is very nosy.

 I call her Mrs Kravitz, after the character on the old TV show Bewitched who was always spying on Samantha through the blinds from across the street LOL.

Anyway, back to the study…

So, it was not a big job – but it has made a big difference (I think). We just;

  • added some draws that we bought from ikea, for pens, paper etc
  • added a small cupboard, again from ikea, for the paper shredder and cartridges etc
  • kept the ‘saw horse’ style legs on the window side of the desk because they let the light in from the windows
  • added some small shelves to the wall above the desk
  • hung the art I bought in Laos (finally)
  • moved the bookshelf slightly
  • replaced Indai’s spying chair with a couple of floor cushions and a blanket for her

here are the results;

and from a different angle;

 As you can see Indai still likes the study, even though her favorite chair has gone 😦

Husbot and I like it much better too.

We also used one of those shelves to improve our Tibetan cabinet/tv area. Which was REALLY sad.

That is a really beautiful Tibetan cabinet that Husbot and I bought in Nepal and shipped to Aus with some other things. And we love the cabinet.

But clearly it was being completly ruined by having the TV and other crap on top of it like that. So we have finally done something about it.

 hhhmm, I dont think that photo shows the cabinet in the best light – but it is the only one I have 😦

Still I think you can see that moving the TV away makes the cabinet stand alone and so its beautiful features do not become hidden by all the cables and crap. It is a feature cabinet once again – not a TV stand! Yay!