whoo hoo!!

It is finally gone, no longer in my bedroom! I am so happy! 🙂 In fact now that it is gone I can’t believe I lived with it for 3 years!!

here is what I am talking about, in case you can’t remember…

So, maybe you think we are crazy though. Maybe you are saying right now. “Wait a minute – aren’t you about to start a renovation where you wont have a kitchen for 3 months?? Why would you rip out your kitchenette now?”

Yes, it does seem a strange time to do it. I mean, when we have lived with it for 3 years.

We thought about it. We really did. Would we use the kitchenette throughout the renovation? Because after all, we will be living in our bedroom throughout the whole thing.

But as you can see from the photo above, that it is really only 4 things;

  • a sink
  • a hole for a fridge
  • a hole for a microwave
  • cupboards

there is no cooktop or oven.

since we have cupboards down stairs, and can just put the microwave anywhere (like on a table) then those two things were not really selling points. The sink was a good thing. BUT the idea of pulling our fridge upstairs (because our bedroom is upstairs) was NOT appealing at all. Our stairs are steep.

We thought about hiring or borrowing a smaller fridge? Maybe a bar fridge? Would that be worth it? But as there was no cooker we would then have to also drag our BBQ up there as well…  So it was really only the sink that was selling the kitchenette at all. In the end we decided it was easier to set up a camping sink downstairs then it was to drag our fridge upstairs… therefore there was no reason to keep the kitchenette!! Yay!

I looked back through the photos we took when we were viewing the house considering it to buy. And yes… the previous owners used the kitchenette! There was even a fridge. I can’t believe they dragged that thing up there!

here is the kitchenette as a kichenette (which it never was while we have lived here)…

well that is enough chatter. How did we get that sucker out?

Well, I just asked my Dad. “Do you think you can cap the pipes to the kitchenette?” he said “yes.” and then he did!! OMG. so simple, after all these years. Here is what it looked like at this stage.

That was before christmas actually. Then we had to leave it for a while, as we had to go to Perth and do some other things…

When we could get back to it the next steps were; emptying it (obviously) and pulling it out. But I did not want to do that until we had a plan for what was going in there.

I had asked the guy who is doing our kitchen to quote us for floor to ceiling cupboards for the space. And while they would have been lovely I am sure, the quote came in at $2,750 hhhmm we needed a cheaper solution. I had to compromise.

In the end we decided that we could do it ourselves with ikea. We used their kitchen pantry product. Which is not floor to ceiling but it fits the space (wall to wall) perfectly, cost about $1,000 and took a bit of grunt on our part.

here is how it went in pictures (remember it took a few days…)

when we pulled the bottom cabinet away the granite was attached to the wall and pulled some of the plaster away. Since no one would see that we didn’t bother trying to make it look pretty from this side. But it has been patched from the other side – since it is connected to our downstairs roof and if it was not fixed would let hot air into the room.

almost gone.

gone-skies!! Can you picture me doing a happy dance?? try… really, try. Because I did. My word. I did a happy dance!!! Whoo hoo!

Then we did this;

 now. of all the things I have made from ikea – and I feel like I have made a lot of things from ikea. These are NOT the easiest things to make.

I am very sure after this experience that I will never get an ikea kitchen. The ‘boxes’ were easy enough to make. But those legs were awful to work with. awful. Made it so hard to manuver the things into place and I was so worried the whole time about chipping the MDF. Which normally I dont worry about as much. But it just seemed too easy to do.

Anyway we kept going.

There were two powerpoints and a lightswitch in the kitchenette and we wanted to keep them. So my dad was the hero again. He is not an electrician, but he can move an existing powerpoint or lightswitch. So he moved them so we can access them from inside the cupboard (as you can see from the photo above). Yay! We wont be running a lamp LOL. But we will use them for charging ipods/ phones etc in the future. 🙂 no more chargers lying around on tabletops all over the place. Yay!

 once the shelves were in stuff was immediatly put on them. As we are currently packing up our house for the renovation.

Indai was so impressed by this whole thing. She loves building, Not. Here she is making space for herself among all the building stuff – using some wall screws as a pillow!

so then all we had to do was put the doors and kickboard on. The doors were pretty easy. Maybe the easiest part of the whole thing – but the kickboard… well husbot did very well to not swear too much while putting that bastard on. LOL.

Anyway – here is where we finished up

I am happy with it!

Of course floor to ceiling would have been nice but… once we put some baskets or something up there it will be good.

There is still more to do in the bedroom (just like the rest of the house). But with the kitchenette gone I feel like we have made real progress. Those cupboards are almost full right now – because we are getting really close to the reno and have been packing up the rest of the house. And the cupboards are so practical. I love them! 🙂