Anyway, our renovation plans are still going along. As is the story of my life, the planning and paper work stages take a LOT longer then I thought… As soon as we moved into this place the flaws were obvious. But people said ‘live in it for at least a year before making any big changes’.

So we did. We have lived in the house for more then that, we moved into the house in 2009. Started talking to builders about making changes last year in 2011.

I really feel like this is our ‘forever home’ because there are so many things I love about it. But there are also many many things I dislike also… lets go for a tour!

The Kitchen:

Here is one half of the kitchen;

And here is the other half


As you can see the kitchen is quite small and really awkwardly done. It is half in one room (where the sink and bench are) and then half in the other room (where the fridge and dishwasher are).

Living with a small kitchen is doable. It really is, we also had a small kitchen in our flat, and we could live with that no problem. But, it is a real pain not having the fridge in your kitchen. Constantly walking around that bench to get things in and out of the fridge when you are in the middle of cooking something (and yes… even though I don’t cook often I have had this experience).

So we are very much looking forward to having a nice sized kitchen with all the appliances in one room.

To make it worse our current kitchen is not big enough to even hold our regular, every day use plates and glasses. They are housed in the dining room – in this cabinet;

so just to get dinner ready we currently have to use/collect things from 3 rooms in the house. LOL

The Laundry:

What laundry?

We have a box that is built into the utility room.

Inside the box is the washing machine (our washing machine can also be a dryer).

That is all there is room for. No storage.

Unless of course you count on-top-of-the-toilet storage? Do you? We do!

We HAVE too!

As you can see this teeny tiny box of a laundry does not have room for the laundry sink…. But has a toilet. We don’t really know why. I mean – some people will say you can never have enough toilets in a house… but we think you can. We have one upstairs in the ensuite, and one downstairs in the bathroom. I think that will be enough for what we are hoping will be a family of 4.

Anyway on top of the toilet is the perfect storage place for a basket of Indai’s blankets and towels. While shoved all around it are mops and brooms and clothes dryers… you know? Those things you might actually want to store in the laundry if you can fit them.

Outside the laundry box is the laundry sink

Yes that’s right – it is right next to the fridge.

On the top half we keep all of Indai’s things (food, leads, new toys, snacks, shampoo etc)

The bottom half hold our good china and Tupperware…. Because these things can’t fit in our kitchen.

But when you come to live in your home it would be nice to think that everything in it is being homed in its correct place too. Kitchen stuff in kitchen – laundry stuff actually in the laundry.

So those two flaws make up one of the biggest change that is happening in the renovation. The whole back area is being re-arranged – the kitchen is being moved and a new laundry is being built on to fix these problems.

Other then that the issues are not so big. We just have;

The Kitchenette;

This is situated in our bedroom 😦 . We are just going to get rid of it and put in some cupboards (we have already started that so look out for an update).

The hangover built-in-wardrobes;

This room is right by our front door.

We are not really sure what the former owners used it as.

We believe that at one point it was the main bedroom. And that built-in-wardrobe was very handy for hanging up clothes.

But when they did the extension upstairs to make what is now our bedroom. The stairs were put into this room and it no longer was a bedroom…. Yet the wardrobe remained.

We have made it functional in the years we have been here – since there is practically NO other storage in the house. Husbot put in shelves (as when we moved in there was only rods for hanging clothes in the whole cupboard) and now the shelves are packed full with stuff.

But really it is very impractical and so, SO ugly! I am not loving the brass surround and the smoke tinted mirror – hellloooo 80’s!

So we plan to pull them out and put storage in under the stairs. Hopefully it will make the room more practical.

More ugly:

These lovely 80’s style wardrobes appear in the green bedroom (bed 2) also.

Blergh. As we want this to be the baby’s room we will take them off and replace them with something more fun and child-like and less Dynasty-shoulder-pads- Joan Collins-ish.

Of course there will be updates along the way….