So last time I mentioned our bedroom we had completed the DIY walk-in-robe project which was a HUGE improvement to the space.

But it was not all we wanted to do with the room – it was not even all we wanted to do with the walk-in-robe.

So… what else have we done?

well to start we have ripped out the old built-in-robe and repositioned the bed. So you may recall our room used to be like this:

with the built-in-robe  and kitchenette taking up all the wall space allong the eastern side of the wall. And the bed cramped into the the shorter Northern wall.

so yeah –  we ripped it out.

I don’t have any photos of that process. Because there was not really a ‘process’ at all – no need for an on-line tutorial for that! Just a lot of grunt! So yeah, no photos because Husbot and I were in it – with the crowbar and hammer ripping that sucker out!

We did get pieces that might be re-usable for someone – like the doors and shelves. So while they were taken to our local tip, our local tip is Kimbriki which is a resource recovery centre and pieces like those from our wardrobe will go into a salvage area where others can buy them very very cheaply and re-use them 🙂 awesome!

Anyway, as I mentioned here in early December we had some new lights installed to make our bedroom nicer – since we will be living in our bedroom exclusively while the renovations are going on 😦 anyway…. here is the ‘new’ bedroom (still very much a work in progress)

of course the kitchenette is still there 😦 … more on that later. Because that was a bigger job then we could do as the plumbing needed to be disconected etc.

And it is far from finished  – as you can see the walls need some work! If the marks that were left from the shelves were not enough, then the electricians made holes to put the lights in 😦

but we have big plans for the wall.

Still – even though there is more to do there is already enormous improvement. Mostly in the outlook. Before, with our bed against the north wall – our bed looked out the window with a southernly angle, which directed our view into our neighbours back yards 😦

which was not great on Sunday sleep-ins when next-doors kids were all running around….

now our outlook is directly east, directly into our own backyard. much nicer 🙂

So that is the bed move/transformation!

There have also been changes to the walk-in-robe. When I last posted it was at this stage awesome but a little bit unfinished.

We had a solar tube installed. Which is kind of like a sky-light. Except that it is a tube. The light goes into a small ‘bubble’ which is placed on our roof – and then it travels down the tube – which is made of reflective tubing – so it bounces down, bounce, bounce, bounce – until it hits your room! It makes a huge difference!

Here is the room before in the middle of the day with no lights on (excuse the plastic drop sheets – I put them in for the solar tube installer dude)

so dark!

Now here is a picture after  the solar tube installation. There are no electric lights on… just the solar tube

I love it! now I can find things (like my handbags) from the very back of the wardrobe without having to put a light on 🙂

Another big improvement to the wardrobe is a husbot invention!

I wanted a full length mirror – but I did not want it to take up wall space. hhhmmm, how to do? The walk-in-robe will not have a door but instead a curtain across the doorway – so back of the door was not an option. Also the very back wall of the robe is not an option because my handbag shelves are back there… sooo husbot needed to invent something.

here it is

 you dont’t see it?

I will help you out.

from that to this!

 it slides out! (when I took this photo I was standing inside the walk-in-robe)

not only that but…

It is double sided! yay! (In this photo I am standing outside the wardrobe in the bedroom). It is fantastic for picking out outfits 🙂

He made it by buying two fairly inexpensive mirrors (I think from Ikea?) painting them white to match the walls. And then attaching them back to back. And also attaching them to a set of draw runners (the things that make draws slide in and out from the cabinet) which he bought on line. The draw runners Husbot used are extendable so the mirror comes out away from the wall.

But then it all just slides away when not in use, not really taking up any wall or cupboard space (the whole thing is less the 5cm wide) that would be used for anything else. And I only need to look in the mirror when I choose too LOL

so ingenious! I love it 🙂