good question.

I don’t really know either. But I wanted to make one ūüėČ

A friend suggested that I take some sewing to Perth to make my time there more useful. And I thought it was a great idea. I chose to attempt Plurbits…. even though I am not sure what they are.

Maybe a Plurbit (pictured above) is a Martin? Maybe it is a robot? Maybe a¬†friendly monster? Or maybe it is just a thing…. like the things in¬†where the wild things are … who knows?

Anyway they are made of felt and cut all around with pinking sheers. It was a bit of a new experience.

I think my interpretation in the end was more Martian then robot/monster. Friendly Martian of course!

Here is one that we are keeping for the playroom:

See how his¬†facemask says ‘I come in Peace”¬†he is a friendly Martian!

We will also be keeping this one for our future baby;

His facemask is starbursts to reflect his cosmic Martian ways. ūüėČ

The antenna were not in the pattern but I decided to add them to the Plurbits…. because otherwise how would the Plurbits be able to phone home?

Here are two others I made. These are for giving away to some little boys I know.

But one of the most interesting parts of the Plurbit making process was using my mother in laws sewing machine. It is 45 years old. It worked really well even though it has moved with her from house to house.

Maybe that is because it is actually a travelling sewing machine! It is very compact with few moving parts and has flaps on each side which close up neatly around the machine protecting it.

They were fund to make and it was nice to have something to do…. you know how Christmas¬†can be, sitting around waiting for people to come around¬†for lunch/ dinner etc. It was good!