So it is back to work today. Which is ok really, I love my job.

But it was really nice to have a break. We spent the first five days of the holidays with husbots family in Perth. Which was actually really nice ūüôā

We go to Perth every other year to spend Christmas with Husbots family, and then with my family here in Sydney the other year. I dread going to Perth usually and get a bit stressed about it. I can hear you saying “WHAT!! But I LOVE WA!!” yes yes yes.

There are heaps of awesome things to do in Western Australia, I know. There is the wine region of Margaret River, tall trees near Pemberton, Whales near Albany, Dolphins near Bunbury/Busselton, the Pinnacles and all sorts of awesome things to visit as a tourist. I know Рwe have done those things.

But you cant do that every year. Because tourist things take a long time to get to in a big state like WA and we are there to visit Husbots family. It is not cool to be like “ok – see you! We are going away for 4 days to Ningaloo reef!’ and only spend 2 days with them. they would be like “I thought you came to visit us!!!”

So we kind of just sit around my in-laws house in Perth for 5 days – yay! Because we ARE there to visit them.

But actually this year it was quite relaxing. I did some sewing on my Mother in Laws 45 year old sewing machine ūüôā we also caught up with a good friend. And we just chillaxed a bit. Probably because we knew when we got back to Sydney we had to do a lot of work on our house to get it ready for the renovation.

Here is one of my favorite parts of Perth….

It is a dog beach called either Mosman Park beach (the signs said that) but I think it is better known as Leighton Beach. But it is such a great dog beach!

That is me – looking a bit windswept! With Husbot’s family dog Pikku. Indai of course was not with us ūüė¶ she was having a¬†holiday with her Sydney grandparents, Pop-Bill and¬†Ama-la, she loves them so that is ok.

Pikku is a beautiful dog. He is a Japanese Spitz,¬†otherwise known as a Shiba Inu. Husbots family wanted a¬†Finnish Spitz but could not get one in WA at the time so they got a¬†Shiba (who look almost the same). Pikku’s full name is¬†Pikku Karhu which means ‘Little Bear’ in Finnish because he looked like a teeny little bear when¬†he was a¬†puppy.

¬†You can see that Pikku is on a lead. Most dogs on the dog beach run around off the lead – but that is not how Pikku rolls! Still he has a lot of fun ūüôā

When we walk Pikku often people ask if he is a dingo (Australia’s native dog) but he is not. He does have dingo colours though. He is a beautiful dog.

Here he is playing with Husbot in the backyard. He is about 12 years old Рbut he still looks so cute like a puppy!

But back to¬†the beach! We love it and we are so jealous. There is nothing like this in Sydney. All the dog¬†beaches in Sydney are¬†either river or harbour beaches and dont have waves and the same beach feel. Indai and Nanook manage to have a good time, but they are not really places for the whole family to enjoy…

not like this!

¬†anyway we did more over the holidays – there are sewing projects to blog about, renovation projects to blog about etc etc. But I have¬†to go off to work now…..