(obvious title… I know)

Anyway, in this last week we had some pre-renovation work done on the house. Mostly it was just about getting the electrician in to do the bits that were not going to be covered by the big reno job. Lights and fans in the bedrooms.

But also – because we will be practically living in our bedroom for the three months of the renovation we needed that space to be comfortable.

I was home with Indai for the first day – but in all it took 3 days for them to do the job! Since we did not want to get in their way Indai and I hung out in the ‘utility room’ for the day. It was raining and Indai was sad (she hates any water that falls on her…) so she mostly slept on the daybed. And I did some sewing… more on that in another post…

Actually there is more to it then that – the electricians were pretty good but not great about checking that the front door was closed properly behind them – so Indai was actually attached to the daybed for much of the day (except when it stopped raining and we went out for walkies).

Indai was lucky that for the next two days her pop-bill could come over and look after her (while he was doing a few things around the house).

But what were they doing? Well, making a big mess for one! hahaha

But they were also;

  • Installing pendant lights beside our bed so we dont need table lamps
  • Installing another fan in our bedroom and repositioning our current one
  • installing powerpoint where there was none before (we had many many extension cords before)
  • installing a light in the new walk in robe
  • installing celing fans with lights in each of the downstairs bedrooms
  • installing pendant lights in the hallway
  • installing pendant lights in the front room

Big list!

I can’t believe this is our pre-reno job!

here are some before and after pics;

This is the green room (bed 2) which we want to make into the baby’s room… soon. Before it had a fan and celing light – we called the fan the saloon because of its retro stylings.

It now has a nice sleek modern looking fan and light;

The playroom also has a brand new ceiling fan and light exactly the same.

Also in the current lounge room which will become bedroom 4 after the renovations (confused? see the plans here)

Here is how it looked before; a yawn worthy oyster light

and here it is now!

 Ta da! I think it looks a lot better.

The pendant lights were a last minute addition, because I was cleaning out a cupboard on the weekend and found them. They are a batik pattern. Not sure where I got them.

As you can see – Indai loves them

I think I got them at a shop that sells things from Bali. I have never been to Bali but I like some Balinesian things, they are lovely.

Like the pendent lights in our hallway. I have realised now that I never took a photo of our hallway ‘before’ – but there was a very booring wall light in the stairway hall. Now we have these…..

 Yay!! I think they look great. from another view

There is a bit more too. But I think it needs a new post. – Stay tuned! hahaha

I know it might seem strange but I absolutly can not turn off the hope that we will get the call anyday. Like tomorrow.

It would totally be ‘murphy’s law’ in a way if we got the call now. Because our house is already a bit of a mess and will only get worse for the next few months. As I said earlier Husbot and I will be basically living in our bedroom the whole time the renovation is happening.

And Indai? Well she will be living with pop-bill and ama-la (her grandparents) because we can’t risk the builders leaving doors and gates open and not watching her, she could easily run onto the road 😦 so to be sure she will be off site the whole time.

Even for the few days of having workmen in I realised it would be soooo difficult to have a child during a renovation. The electricians tried to be tidy and clean up after themselves, but still there was grit and dust all over the floor and in some parts little bits of the ceiling and walls that had fallen down. Not to mention the noise and general disruption.

But even so… I can’t switch this feeling off – this hope. Every day I hope we are one day closer to the call  and each night before I go to sleep I feel sad that there is a little child somewhere in the world who is living in instutional care who needs a family. I mean if the call happens in the next few months before the build is finished then we will certainly find a way, it is our top priority so we WILL make it work no matter what.

what do you think? Will Murphy’s law apply here? What are the chances?