So as I said (here) while the light installation was going on Indai was helping me sew, see;

what were we making? Cheeky Monkeys!

They are actually called Millie monkeys (the pattern is from  a bit of whimsy dolls). But I was wanting to make them more unisex so I did not want to call them Millie monkeys.

I made 6. Two for christmas presents, two for babies that not been born yet, and two to go into the playroom and wait for our baby(s?) to join them!

I often by fabric when I am up in Thailand. I love the fabric that is woven for traditonal Burmese longyi’s (like sarongs) and I thought this green one would make some great cheeky monkeys;

I bought it at Borderline shop  in Mae Sot. The fabric was made by the Mon Womens Organisation – the Mon are one of Burma’s many ethnic minorities;

The others were made with fabric that I had on hand. I wanted them to have some textural element (for babies to touch) so I used polar fleece and terry toweling fabric for most of their bodies.

Here are the results!

This one is for teeny H’s (my gorgeous niece’s) christmas present, she is about 7 months old now and SO cute! She is at an age where she really enjoys touching and eating her toys 🙂 ;

The pattern only depicted the monkeys with round eyes. But I really felt that the cheeky eyes I used on the Baby bumblebees recently would look fantastic on the monkeys – because it looks like they are laughing and have a cheeky little secret!

The orange one on the left is a christmas gift for my friends baby (Baby M) who at only one month old is having her first christmas.

The green one on the right will be for my cousins baby. The baby will be my cousins first and we are really excited for him 🙂 I can tell the green monkey can’t wait for that baby to be born!

This one is for my good friend’s new baby – who will be born early next year. Hopefully the baby likes it 🙂

And finally here are our two cheeky monkeys! Made from the Mon Women’s Group material, to be similar but not the same.

I think these two look like brothers and oh, so cute!!

I hope they dont have to wait too long for their playmates 😦 Please, please, please can 2012 be our year to hear the pitter patter of little feet in our home.