While I am really looking forward to motherhood…. I am really not looking forward to things like the wiggles, Hi-5 etc etc

It is not that I am a party pooper. I just don’t get it.

Or think it is necessary.

When I was a kid I just listened to cool music, like the Beatles, the Who, Olivia Newton John and Air Supply (erm…that’s cool?… right?)

But what I mean is that is was not ‘special music for children’ it was just regular music.

I imagine that some wiggles/hi-5/whatever whatever will end up in our collection, for sure. Just as when I was a child we had some records for children too – like Basil Brushtail and Tina the Ballerina, I loved them too.

But I also think that a variety of music is really good for development and that there is heaps of music I listen too that I think would be great for incouraging imaginative play and dancing. 🙂

This video a friend posted on youtube made me smile – it is worlds of cute but also demonstrates that kids can appreciate a whole range of music 🙂

cute huh!