So I have not posted about anything crafty for a while. Maybe you think I have not been crafting? Well… I have!

I bought this cute pattern for Baby Bumblebees from etsy online, the shop is called Bit of Whimsy Dolls lovely!

so I got to work making a few. At first I made 5. I wanted to give 3 away to little people and keep 2 for our future children to love…

 The pattern was VERY easy to use, I bought some other patterns from the same esty shop and I cant wait to make those dolls too.

Here are the first ones in blue and green tones:

Too cute! The one in the middle is waiting in our playroom for a friend. But the two on either side have already found forever homes with two lovely little boys I know.

Then there are these two yellow and orange ones:

So cute! See their eyes? You could chose to do the plain type round eye – or you could sew the eyes as closed in a ‘laughing’ way. I love it! And I would have done more but I said to Husbot – how do you think I should do the eyes? He said, ’round – that other way looks funny’. But I thought I would try it for at least one – and I LOVE it! So did he actually – he said it was so cute.

we kept the one with the closed laughing eyes in the playroom. The other one was a gift for a friend who… had just got… The Call!! And brought her daughter home from Thailand – yay!!

So after a little break I made more. Here is one in her natural ‘bee’ environment!

This one was a gift for my colleague when she had a little baby girl – earlier this month 🙂

And then lastly I made these!

The one with the tummy of pears was a gift for little Z for her 2nd birthday. The one with the tummy of clouds is a bit special because it is going to wait here untill another friend of mine gets her call, and their child comes home to them from Thailand. They have already been waiting a long long long  time for their call – so lets hope that cloud-tummy-baby-bumble-bee does not have to wait long (fingers crossed!)

I also made this one…. (how many is that now?)

This one is for an old friend of mine who had her 2nd baby girl last friday – congratulations!

And that is all I have made lately! I just love them! So smiley and cuddley!