So a little while ago Husbot undertook this ikea hack.

see, I am pretty short and have trouble getting to top shelves and high cupboards etc so we have a few of these cheapo step stools around. But they are not beautiful.

Husbot and I have been involved with the Free Tibet movement and the Tibetan community for a long time. We have a few Tibetan pieces in our house, rugs, cabinets, tangkas, pictures, shrines etc. Things I had bought when I was in Tibet and Nepal on my first trip in 1999, things we got together while on Honeymoon in India where we were with the Tibetan refugee community in Dharamsala in 2007 and things we bought when we were in Nepal in Tibetan refugee settlement areas in 2009.

So Husbot decided to ‘hack’ the stool by making it more Tibetan(ish)!

I think he did a great job 🙂

it was not as easy as it looked. He had to;

  • ‘rough it up’ a bit to give it a more aged look and less mass produced look
  • paint an underlayer of black
  • apply a crackling agent
  • paint the over layer of red
  • then paint the white and yellow Tibetan style clouds.

I did not take photos of these stages – sorry! But here is a close up to see more of what was involved in the hack.

 I think it looks great – and am thinking of more things for him to do! 🙂