So when we moved into the house the 3rd bedroom inherited, the futon and some draws, also we painted it Academy Grey (which is actually a shade of blue!). It was pretty daggy but actually when we took the photos to send to Thailand it was the most child-friendly looking room in the house. Because I put some of my old teddy bears in there and I had made curtains for the room by sewing a nice blue sari to some plain white curtains:

However we, like many adoptive parents, were in that quandry of how much do you do before you are matched with your child? I mean we were never going to be the kind of ‘pink is for girls/blue is for boys” parents, it was not that. But more – how much do you set up now and then how long does it all sit there for? Does it create false hope? Or does it do something else? Like…. tell the universe you are ready for a baby!

The term ‘hurry up then wait’ does not really apply to adoptive parents. it is more like ‘wait, wait, wait… wait some more – then hurry up!” since the process and waiting can take years and years (we are 18 months in Australia aproval process and now nearly 16 months with our file in Thailand so 2.8 years altogether already). BUT once you get ‘THE PHONE CALL!!” you could be traveling to meet your child in just weeks.

Anyway a friend of ours, who also said we should do the Green Tara puja (to remove all obsticles between us and our child) said that we should create a welcoming space in our home. I thought it was good advice.

here is what I have done so far;

All of the toys on top of the bookcase are made by me. Which is also part of my ‘creating a welcoming space’ process. The others are also mostly handmade (just not by me). Things I have picked up in Thailand, Australia, Cambodia, Nepal, Laos etc. The stars I bought a long time ago while in a market in Sydney with a friend – the elephants on the window sill I bought in Nepal while there in 2009 for that same friends wedding 🙂

Indai and I love to come into this room and sit. We think about the baby (well I do! Who knows what she is thinking of hahaha!). We sit on the little lounge and I read some of the story books we have out loud to her, to practice for the baby. Indai loves this room

I often find here in this room, by herself. Having a quiet moment.

I feel like she knows it is a special room, that we are preparing for a special little someone.

Here are close ups of the pictures on the wall. I bought them in Cambodia. I love them

they are lovely depictions of life in Asia. People crammed onto motorbikes, tuk tuks/rickshaws, elephants, monks, temples.
Yes it is a very stylised version – but it is all things you see.

I bought them at the ‘Russian’ Market in Phnom Penh. I got them 3 for $15 – bargan! Especially when I saw very very similar ones selling at the airport for around $200! I think I bough knock-offs! LOL oh well. I just loved the child like painting style and the scenes they depict. I didnt know they were supposed to be by a famous artist.

My Dad made the colourful frames. He loves doing grand-dad things for his grand-kids, even for the grandkids he has not met
yet 🙂

I have moved my whole practice in here. I don’t actually use the shrine room I have out the front anymore. I will again later, but for now Green Tara is concentrating on this room. I love to be in here, meditating. focusing on my future child, focusing on removing all the obsticles between my child and their loving home.

I think this is a welcoming space – even though it is far from finished. It wont be finished until there is a little occupant in here! But as well as a welcoming space it is also a hopeful space.

We hope that very soon this stripe dog will be cuddled by a new and very much loved member of the family!