In fact there is no question about it.

On Monday night I went with a friend to a babies home for abandoned Burmese babies. There I met little Min Min – what a beautiful boy.

He was there with 5 other baby boys and 2 baby girls all aged between about 3 months and 13 months. One of the girls has major health issues and the other girl has health issues to overcome. But all of the boys  are healthy lively bouncing baby boys… without a family to love them.

They are recieving great care from compasio and thanks to the efforts of the Mae Tao Clinic where they were born they have their births registered (but it does not make them a Thai citizen).

However things have improved a bit since I last wrote about orphanages for Burmese children in Thailand here because now there is a social worker who works with this one infants home to try to find forever homes for these children with Thai and Burmese families.

So I can be glad that Min Min may be able to find a forever home somewhere – even though I wish with all my heart that it was with me…

I was sitting on the floor and he was crawling (because he is 5 months old) the other boys were super excited about a new ball but he was getting a bit run over by Suu Suu in her wheelie baby walker thing, so he crawled over my way and I rescued him from the wheelie baby walker’s path into my lap. 🙂 and we had a lovely couple of cuddles.

here is the blog of a volunteer who works with the kids if you want to read more:

for now, for me. I am nursing my broken heart because I even though I am approved to adopt and my file is in Thailand and somewhere on that file it says I am ‘fit to be a parent’ and this baby boy needs a loving caring forever home. It is not possible for life to be that simple. 😦