Yes! In a heartbeat.

I love being here in Thailand, even though I am working and not doing all the fun stuff! And the question, would I move here is asked to me a lot by my colleagues.

I would and I predict I will one day. I am just not sure that now is the right time.

Of course I could move here quite easily and work, my work is here already s I don’t think that would be a problem at all. Husbot would also be qualified to work for many of the NGOs and CBOs over here. We both love it here and we are both looking forward to living in Asia together one day…

So why not now? Hhhmm It is just not the right time at the moment. It has not been the right time for a little while.

We want to get our house sorted out and there is no way we could do that long distance.

Husbot is actually still kind of settling into his role at work and his career and he needs a bit of time to get that established.

I love my work and what I do. When that phone rings *fingers crossed it is soon* and I take time off from work to be with Bubs I am grateful that there will be so much to do at home and I will be so busy or else it might be hard to keep my nose out of work!

Plus we can’t leave our darling girl Indai *sniffle*

But it is definitely something we think about a lot. We don’t think about it in terms of our adoption though. I really don’t think it would change things or make it any easier (would it make it harder???). I know a person who adopted as an expat while living in Thailand and her wait was over 2 years. I don’t think there is a way to make it go faster and we just have to wait it out.

But Husbot and I definitely think it would be great to live in Thailand when the children are still young (am I getting ahead of myself here or WHAT!). When they are in primary school but before high school is probably the right time.

But who knows… maybe something will change overnight and we will pack up and leave right away. You never can tell what is just around the corner – can you?