So I am just putting some of these books out there into ‘blog land’ with only a little commentary on how I felt when reading them. Because I don’t want to spoil it for you if you have not read it yet!

I am not sure that this should read as a list of recomendations! There are some that I found more helpful then others.

I am really keen to get recomendations about resources from people who have experienced adoption. So please, send your recomendations to me! I would love to know what books you have found helpful!!

Love Our Way by Julia Rollings (published by Harper Collins 2008)

Comments: This is an amazing book, written with a great deal of depth and honesty and love. About an Australian family with internationally adopted children who discover that two of their adopted children from India were trafficked. The story of how they deal with this discovery is beautiful and amazing.

From China With Love: A long road to Motherhood by Emily Buchanan (pub Wiley and Sons 2006)

Comments: this is a great book about the joys and pains of adoption – the process, the waiting, the pain that a newley adopted child has adjusting to a new family, new country etc. But as Emily Buchanan is a reporter this book does more and investigates in great deal the gender imbalance in adoption in China and what this means for girls in China. It is a great book.

The Lucky Ones: Our Stories of Adopting Children From China ed Ann Rauhala (pub ECW Press 2008)

Comments: the title of this book made me bristle but of course the book goes on to say how it is the adoptive parents who are the lucky ones for being given the wonderful opportunity to parent their children who they adore. It is a really nice book.

Jessie Mei Mei by Sharon Guest and Stuart Neal (Allen and Unwin 2010)

Comments: Heartbreaking. The story of Australian parents who adopt and infant from China and what happens next. This book is not an easy read.

Adopting: Parents’ Stories ed Jane Turner Goldsmith (pub Wakefield Press 2007)

Comments: this is a collective of stories including the stories of adult adoptiees, but mostly of adoptive parents, mostly international. I think it is a balanced book, dealing with hopes, loss and grief, challenges and journeys. It is a lovely book.

Searching for Our Angel: The long Path to Inter-Country Adoption by Liz Peter (Pub Short Stop Press 2010)

Comments: the authors are trying to point out how difficult adopting in Australia is, the process, the wait etc etc and this is the tone of the book, there is very little in the book outside of the struggle with the process.

so there will be other books, written by adult adoptees, adoptive professionals etc

Remember… send your recomendations to me!!