so…. maybe you are wondering what we are planning to do with our place? Maybe not! hahahaha

Anyway I thought I would share it with you. Perhaps since I am pretty excited about it.

The current floor plan of our house, developed by the previous owners, has left us with both some really lovely spaces AND some really odd spaces.

The previous owners lived in the house for 30 years or more and did at least two renovations/extensions in their time. So the house which was originally built in the 1920’s developed very much to their taste.

Here is an example of a really lovely space we got when we bought the house…

Indai loves the deck

and here is an example of a very strange weird and awkward space… the utility room…

not so good

this room houses our laundry ‘room’ behind that sliding door, the laundry sink however is in full veiw in the utility room – nice!, then there is the fridge and dishwasher… which are unable to fit in the teeny tiny kitchen.

Now, this might not be so bad (um… actually I think it would) if the Utility room was not also the largest room downstairs, AND the room that looks out directly onto our lovely deck!

So essentially our fridge gets the nicest view in the house and enjoys the most living space – while we sit in the lounge room out the front which is smaller and, while it also has a garden outlook, it is not as nice and beyond that garden is a road. hhmmmmm.

So, now you are understanding why we are making some changes!

here is the downstairs of the house – as it is now. I hope you can understand my hand-drawn houseplan. lol

and yes, that is a built in robe in the study! another nice gift. LOL

and here is a floor plan with the plans for the renovation. Most of this is pretty big stuff that will be done by professional builders. Husbot and I made this using (rather then hand drawn) it is better because it has furniture that is sized to the same as ours (it even has Indai in it – see if you can find her! hehehe)

where's Indai?

So maybe you can already see what we are planning to do. But here is the big list;

  • the archway between the current lounge room and current dining room is going to be bricked up. Which would make the current lounge room into a 4th bedroom.
  • from the new kitchen area (you can see in the 2nd plan) the wall will be extended northwards by about 1.5 meters.
  • the kitchen will move from where it is now to where the dining room is now. And will be big enough to fit in both the fridge and dishwasher (fancy that!)
  • the dining room will move into where the kitchen is now – although it will not be a ‘room’ but part of an open plan living space.
  • the lounge room will move into the room currently labled ‘utility room’
  • the laundry in the new plan is an additional room which will be added onto the end of the house. it will have internal and external access. It will be big enough to fit the laundry sink – thus all awkward parts will be in their proper rooms and the revolution will be complete!
  • the study will have the built in robe removed and new storage, like an understair bookcase, will be added.
  • the bathroom, and two bedrooms will be largely unchanged.

we are also going to add a water tank under the new addition, and we hope to add either or both a solar power unit and/ or a solar hot water unit with a gas booster. We already have gas for heating and cooking.

Those things on the plans that look like propellers from a plane are actually ceiling fans (you just have to imagine them attached to the ceiling – not sitting on the furniture). We dont have air conditioning.

The upstairs is not as complicated because it is essentially one big room with a bathroom. Here is what we inherited when we bought the place…

back to hand drawn. I am not sure I got the proportions exactly right. LOL

so apparently before the previous owners used the upstairs as a granny-flat which would explain the kitchenette! But I don’t really understand how you could make your nanna go upstairs and downstairs all the time.

When we viewed the house there was a bed and a lounge set, the kitchenette and the ensuite with a really small built in robe. It is nice and big but didn’t really use the space well – for us – I mean. We want it to be a bedroom, with a study area and a BIG wardrobe and NO kitchenette! LOL.

bye bye bedroom kitchenette!

we are hoping we can do most of the changes ourselves, some we might need professionals for. But here is what we would like to do;

  • build a walk-in-robe
  • pull out the too small built in robe and reposition the bed into the nook
  • set up the study
  • get rid of the kitchenette (Whoo Hoo!) and replace it with a cupboard
  • replace the vanity in the ensuite with a new one (we might need a professional for this)
  • replace the window in the W.C because it is currently glass bricks *shudder* which I hate.

so that is it! Hopefully it wont take too long!! because although we will have bathrooms the whole time – we wont have a kitchen 😦 AND the worst part is that we think Indai will have do go and live with her Pop-Bill and Ama-La for the whole time. Which is nice for her (they spoil her rotten) but we will miss her so much 😦

anyway, the sooner we start, the sooner we finish!