So, I think I have mentioned a time or two that we have started renovating our place.

Well, that is sort of the case. There are two ways we are working on our house. One is the DIY part, the bits and pieces we can do ourselves. The other is the BIG part – that we need to leave to the professionals. But we moved into our place while we in the process of our application so we just chucked our furniture in as best we could.

So, when we were prepairing our file for Thailand and taking the photos of our house. I really did not know what they would want, so we ended up with 3 pages of photos, the front of the house, the backyard. The main bedroom and the 2 other bedrooms and the living room & dining room. We had been in our place for a bit over a year.

Anyway of course I made a HUGE deal out of it – like we were photographing our house for House and Garden magazine or something! Setting up shots (as best I could) bringing in lights from other rooms to get some brighter shots etc. Of course I spend hours doing it and then Husbot pops up and goes “try this” *snap* *snap* *snap* and gets in some great shots in just a
few trys! (because of all the setting up I had done) of course 😉 Well maybe they are not great. Because the house needs some work. but they are the best they could be.

Here they are;

Lounge room (with dining and kitchen in background)

The lounge room was really hard to photograph –  it is a really dark room because it is in the wrong part of the house. Anyway that is the best shot we could get of it.

Master Bedroom

This room (below) will become the babies room 🙂

bedroom two

this room is already becoming the playroom (work in progress) but at the time of taking these photos housed our old futon.

bedroom three

I can’t remember if we included this picture or not (LOL) but this is the front room. Which is where my shrine lives, it also has storage cupboards (that are currently the epitome of ugly) and our bookshelf. But anyway here is the pic;

prayer room

In the end it was a real family effort because Indai decided to be number one helper dog. Now we had decided that she should be in at least one shot, since she is a part of the family. But we did not want her in all the shots because we know that dogs in Thailand are a mixed bag. Some Thai’s have dogs as pets, and many hate them and see them as problem street dogs or soi dogs (dirty, tough, scary and potentially rabid). Although we are sure a Thai Social worker would be well aware that in Australia we kept them as pets we were not sure they would appreciate seeing Indai sitting on the lounge or in the bedroom etc.

So there are so many photos that did not end up in the application… the ones where our Indai made herself the star….

This one made the cut;

Indai in the backyard

this one however -did not make the cut LOL

um... no Indai, this is not about you hahahaha

Note the re-arranged furniture? Like I said we were stressing out and treating is like a house and garden magazine shoot. Will Thailand like it this way? Or that way? Stress!!!!

I KNOW we included the next one. But we deliberated about it for ages! Should we? Shouldn’t we? Anyway we did…


Of course one thing we worry about is that it is not a ‘family’ home – by that I mean the children’s rooms don’t look like kids rooms. They are getting closer to that now but no, the house didn’t look like that over a year ago. I presume that is the case for a lot of people and that the social workers in Thailand understand that we are/were just at the begining at the process of getting our house ready for a baby.

So that is it! our place 🙂 I hope Thailand likes it.