so. I havent posted anything for almost a month now.

Because I have been in a bit of a funk.

I really should have pushed myself to post even though I was in the funk but for some reason I just could not.

Why the funk? I think it had something to do with my birthday. Yes, that’s right I had a birthday last weekend. I turned 34.

I am not one of those people who get miserable about getting old – believe me. I don’t fret about wrinkles or gray hairs – in fact I have not really noticed if I even have either. It was not about that.

But I never thought I would be 34 years old and still so far from being a mum.

Husbot will turn 35 this birthday (in a few months time) and I just can’t believe that he is not going to be a Dad soon. It is sad for me. Not only that it has not happened yet. But that I feel like it is completly out of our control and still so far away.

So yup. Happy birthday to me! hahahaha

Now I KNOW there are more things in the world that are more depressing and much more important then our little family and our looong wait to be parents. But I guess there is something about this time of year when it really gets to me and it is impossible to just be positive and hope for the best.

The other day I was on an on-line forum where a person complained about a blog she was reading. It was one of those ones where the person blogs about home decorating and renovating… anyway the forum poster was complaining because she felt that the blogger was trying to present a perfect image of her life to the world and somehow wanted blog readers to validate her life. The forum poster had recently found out that the blogger’s marriage was failing and essentially her whole world was crashing down. Was the forum poster worried about the blogger? Her failing marriage etc? No. The forum poster was angry that she has been decieved all this time into thinking this woman had a perfect life and now the bubble has burst!!

Her issue was ‘why do bloggers only post the good stuff about their life – like their life is a veneer – it is just to seek validation from all of us”

HA! I thought to myself. YOU obviously don’t read adoption blogs!

If you want to read blogs about angst, powerlessness, frustration, anxiety, massive ethical issues etc then…. read an adoption blog!!! (at least a waiting parents adoption blog!). there is a whole lot of truth usually found in these parts.

Anyway. Hopefully I am out of my funk now.

But since I have had the funk I feel I must bring the funk.

This is one of my favorite songs EVER! from one of my favorite bands, coming atcha from Aotearoa (New Zealand) – Fat Freddy’s Drop, with Bound Together!

And! If that is not enough!! This is one of my other favorite songs of theirs that is a little bit less funk but more what I might need – Fat Freddy’s Drop with Hope

hope you like it!