To follow up on my post about the street dogs of Thailand, compassion

Here is something you can do if you are concerned about the treatment of dogs, sign the petition to stop the dog meat trade in Thailand:

I really believe that the most humane way of dealing with stray dogs is too;

1. adopt them into loving homes 🙂 but of course that probably will not happen for all the strays in Thailand


2. De-sex (Sterilize) them. So there is not a constant abundance of new unwanted dogs. Having many puppies is a huge strain on the mummy dog and causes her malnutrition (when she is a street dog with barely enough food for herself). The kindest thing is for these dogs to be de-sexed to cut numbers of unwanted dogs.

Udders gets some much needed food from Friends after another litter

Soi Dogs is an organisation who do that. They have also organised the petition above.

Care for Dogs is another organisation based in Chiang Mai. They also do de-sexing. AND! They are currently looking for a forever home for my friend Udder’s puppy called Dumpling – who is SOOOOO cute!

Dumpling and his mum (Udders) on the streets in Mae Sot

There is also a video of Dumpling to attract a forever home…. get ready to say ‘awwwwww’

I am paying to two of my friends de-sexed; Udders and Joon. Hopefully someone will pay for Jet to be de-sexed now that she has had her puppies.

It is the least I can do.