I have not really written anything about why I make thing – like the little toys.

I have been asked! Probably because I am not a person with a lot of free time. I mean who does have a lot of free time?  But yeah, I can’t say that if I thought about it I would say I had a lot of time for it. But I enjoy it – so I make time.

There are a few reasons why I make things:

  • nesting. of course my focus is toys so there is an obvious link to my focus on my future children.
  • waiting/ creating a welcoming space. The waiting is hard and there is no ‘right time’ to start working on the nursery or the playroom etc – but since I am waiting and making things there is a need to put all these gorgeous things somewhere! So there has been a slow and natural process of building a playroom out of handmade things, yes, creating a welcoming space.
  • a dislike of mass production. yes, there is a political element to it. I really don’t like a lot of toys that are out there. They are quite impersonal. Mass produced. Plastic. Throwaway. I don’t like the person who made it has laboured hard for a poorly waged job in potentially hazardous environment. For what? Something that comes ‘for free’ with a meal and gets thrown away with little thought or care. I shudder at the thought of my child playing with something that might have been made in a sweatshop.

I think this documentary is REALLY fabulous. It looks at the link between craft and feminism, activism. I hope the link works: (it is quite long – but really worth it!)


I am not actually part of a craft group. Nor am I a craftivist.

I am an activist in the old school way for Free Tibet and Democracy in Burma.

A few friends have said that I should sell the things I make. People do sell stuff. On Etsy etc. I have seen Mumma Bears, Masies etc on there for sale.

But firstly – my stuff is not that good! hahaha I have had the head stitch fail that I blogged about and since then a leg stitch fail. So I had to make a leg operation repair. Also – arms sewn on the wrong way etc. I mean I am not claiming my stuff is saleable – it is home made. Imperfect. Made on a domestic machine not an industrial machine.

Secondly – I already have a job! hahaha. It is interesting. It is full time (more then that often) and it is busy. I am not really worried about what to do with my time. As I said I make time for craft.

Thirdly – the whole point is that I am not really into consumerism. You see

Look, I know that there will be a day when my future child will reject my handmade toys. They will be all like “I don’t want your strange handmade bear. I want a barbie/my little pony/ben 10” etc I know that will happen.

I also know that all that plastic, throw away crap will be given to them by other people. Probably in a lovely, caring and well meaning way. And I will have to be accepting and get over myself a little bit.

But I figure I have a few years up my sleeve. hahaha.

So I will craft away and enjoy it while it lasts.