I am staying with a friend of mine while in Mae Sot Thailand.

She, like me, is a dog lover. She lives here and has a very stressful job. During the day she cares for children with complicated medical problems. These children are from Burma, some a refugees, some are internally displaced people who come out of Burma for medical care.

These are children who already have a very hard life living as refugees or in a conflict zone… and then on top of that they get to have a hole in their heart, a cancerous tumor, eye problems etc etc.

The organisation she works for is called Burma Children Medical Fund .It is supported by the aid organisation I work APHEDA  if you ever want to make a donation (which is tax deductable in Aus).

So she has a tough job.

However around this she fits in caring for street dogs. Just some – there are too many to take responsibility for! She does it by raising awareness about the streetdog through the facebook page ‘Benny the Streetdog”

But also by being kind to the dogs.

I have never understood people who are unkind to animals. Animals are not as smart as humans, it is not possible for them to have the kind of complicated thought that we humans have. They cant plan for the future; they are reactive, they cant operate complicated things; like traps and weapons and in fact they can do very little to protect themselves – even from the elements.

Humans who are unkind to animals might feel like they are being tough – by throwing rocks at them or keeping them in cages and taunting them.

But really they are just showing how callous, stupid and weak they are. It is easy to be unkind to animals because they are not smart and often vulnerable.

It is much harder to reach out and be kind to animals. To gain trust of those who have been mistreated. To have compassion for their suffering.

here are some of the animals she cares for – who this week I have been hanging out with too;

Jet who is skinny and pregnant at the same time

Jet only has one eye because people threw rocks at her which made her eye pop out. Luckly because of my friend she was able to get surgery to have the damage eye removed so it did not get infected and now she is a one eyed gal.

Jet is about the give birth and my friend is trying to organise with an animal shelter in another city (because there is not one here) for her to be de-sexed once this litter is born.

Verna - a puppy having puppies

Verna is only about a year old – but already pregnant. I had another friend who did a project in Samoa de-sexing street dogs for free. Thailand needs that. It is a really human way to deal with the problem, for the sake of the dogs and the people.

Verna has an injured leg – me and my friend have been helping her.

Udders - skin and bones

Udders has given birth too many times. She is SUCH a sweetheart! But she has just had another litter of puppies and when she does she gives them all her nutrition. And gets very very sick. So sick that she needs anti-biotics. She used to have westerner owners, who just turned her out on the streets (maybe when she stopped being cute?) and although they are still in town and give her pats they do not care that the other day she was so sick she could not lift her head.

After some TLC this week she energetic and able to care for her puppy again.

I think compassion is a worthy persuit. Compassion toward all humans is good. But compassion towards animals is more special, because it has no narcissistic traits. I can care for something not because it reminds me of me – or because it can voice thanks to me. Just because all beings deserve love and happiness.