I love Thailand!

I hear you all being like ‘Whaaat! That is not a secret! –  we know you love Thailand – you travel there all the time, you are adopting a child from Thailand, you hope to live there one day” hahahaha

yes but, here is the secret…

Thailand does not like me 😦

I bring the sads to Thailand unfortunatly.

I was here when the yellow shirts over ran the streets and took over the airport causing political and ecconomic chaos to Thailand.

I was here when the red shirts barricaded the streets of Bangkok and the government sent in the tanks – shocking the country and yes, again sending it into political  turmoil.

Last year when I was here there was flooding in a large part of the country – around Bangkok etc which was devistating to many people.

The last time I came a big earthquake occured on the Thai Burma border the day I flew out.

I arrived yesterday and again, today 9 provinces have been declaired flood disaster zones – this time in the north west (where I am) with landslides, powerlines down and roads cut of.

I bring the sads. Thailand does not like me 😦

and it is not just me who thinks this! Some of my friends are now seeing the link that indeed when I am coming something crap will happen.

come on now Thailand! I like YOU! Can’t we be friends? … pretty please? 🙂