So. It is one year waiting.

Our file made it’s merry way over to Thailand this time last year and I remember feeling ELATED! Like we were finally on our way…. after aprox 18 months of getting approved here in Australia.

Now, a year has passed. I have been doccumenting on this blog the things that have happened while this year has passed. The waiting thoughts… the ‘feelings’ I get about who our children could be… the preparations Husbot and I are making to get ourselves ready… how Indai is coping with it all (I know you all wonder about that!).

well, sorry to say. But when we told her that it had already been a whole year and we were still waiting for her little brother/ sister well…. she was sad.

sad. so very sad

I thought I better check on a few other ‘members of the family’ who are waiting for someone to play with.

remember the Beatle Bugs? well a few months ago they looked so happy – see?

before they were happy bugs!

But when I checked on them today to see how they were going on this one year waiting anniversary:


What about Mr monkey that I bought in Mae Sot Thailand? How was he going?


The silk elephants who are waiting for someone to play with? Well…. they too are;


At first I thought the toys I had made for my lovely future children were coping quite well! They look ok… yes? waiting there in the pram…

keeping it warm!

but actually, on closer inspection, alas! They too are…


But actually (what Indai and the toys dont understand… ) is that it is not all bad. It is better to have this year behind us then in front of us if you know what I mean.

Here in Australia nobody waits under one year to be allocated. Most allocations are occuring somewhere around year 3. So the positive is that we are getting closer.

While it really was impossible to hope to get the call in our first year of waiting – it is not as impossible to hope that it might come in this next year. We have heard of people being allocated between year one and two (closer to two then one!).

So maybe this is a happy anniversay after all – since now we can hope that an allocation is coming our way in just months. Of course it still could be years. At least we know we can survive… so far.

As for the toys… well if it takes any longer they might have to have some counselling! hahaha