Polly is broken

well maybe she was not loved to death – but Polly sure is not looking as chipper as she was back at easter time when I made her and gave her to my niece!

Polly at Easter time

What happened??? Let me be clear, I dont blame Little Z. She was just having fun and loving Polly, when things went all pear shape and Polly started coming undone! She gave Polly to Ama-la and said ‘fix?’ one day – but it could not be done 😦 I think it was either the fabric I used for Polly’s head. Or the instructions; they do not require you to ‘finish’ the seams, which did confuse me I must admit as my teacher back at high school was always very very strict about that. But none of the toy patterns I have used have instructed that seams be overlocked or zig-zaged or anything.

well, my confidence in mytoy making skills has been shattered. I certainly will not be getting a job in Santa’s workshop this year!

Anyway, on the weekend I decided to try to pick up the remainer of my shattered confidence and try again – to get back on that stuffed toy horse so to speak.

And so I made………………………………. New Polly!

ta da!

She has different fabric for her head. Also for her arms as I was a bit worried about that one too. But other then that she is the same.

I have always double stitched the legs and arms when I make toys but this time I also ….

finished the seams with zig-zag stitch!

So I think she should hold!

for good measure I also made some Black haired Polly’s to go with the red haired one and brown haired one

black haired sister Polly's!

cross your fingers these Polly’s are ok 😉