our pram arrived from the USA on Tuesday. I was amazed. I have had books that have taken longer to arrive!

I had a day trip to Canberra that day because the Dalai Lama was having his political day – which went really well. For more on that you can see my colleague’s blog about it http://www.atc.org.au/blog/1692-the-dalai-lamas-day-in-australian-parliament-an-insiders-story but it was a great day. Very exciting to be siting behind His Holiness inside the chamber of parliament house when he was acknowledged from the floor (the members of parliament) it was a great moment.

And then I came home to our new pram!

Of course Husbot and I had to put it together to make sure we had all the bits and pieces 😉

here it is!

Indai says "is that for me?'

It is an adaptable pram so it can be for two or one…. because we are in a who knows situation where we dont know/ cant control age gaps between siblings etc so we thought it was best to be adaptable

erm... yes... Indai is still in her pj's... whoops! It is cold down here!

since she seemed to interested in it – of course I decided to take Indai for a ride!

um, what?

yeah. She thinks I am a weirdo! But I am not the only one 😉 when my mum popped around today and saw the pram she was like ‘awww lets give Indai a ride!!’

but I think she has had enough now!

hhhmmm... how do I get down?