So. I bought a pram the other night.

I have been thinking about it. See in Australia here prams seem to be more expensive then they should be. And since I am a research nerd I decided that I will just buy one good pram and that will be it.

So I have been on forums etc looking at what pram is best. I wanted one that was user friendy, not too bulky, good for one child or two. and so about a year ago (it seems) had pretty much decided on the Baby Jogger City Select. But it was pretty $$$ Then I found out people in Australia sometimes bought them from the US – where they were nearly 1/2 the price. And at the moment the Australian dollar is more then the US dollar… it was all too much!! I HAD to have it!!!! 🙂

so I did. It should get here in about a months time. a BJCS with a second seat (so it can convert to a two seater if we need it one day and then back again if we dont). Meanwhile we may not be parents for…… well, who knows how long. I would rather not think about it 😦

What else have we bought?

well of course we have an ergo! After reading on Kyle and Robin’s blog how much they LOVE their  ergo I ran out and bought one sometime last year. Indai has had a turn or two in it. Indai DID NOT LIKE! 😦  – I wont post a pic! hahahaha But I was reassured of my purchase when Gem and family loved theirs earlier this year – yay!

Other then that we have a small but growing stack of cloth nappies, about 19. But they are hard to buy without knowing the age and weight of your child so I am trying not to get too carried away there.

oh and we have a high chair already too.

Oh and the toys that I have made. And some I have bought in Thailand.

And some beautiful cot sized quilts that I saw in a market in Luang Prabang (Laos) that were just too lovely NOT to buy.

hhhhmmmm. This post was going to be about how buying things for the baby was so unusual for me…. but I guess that is just a big lie! ha! Well the nursery is not ready yet. That needs to wait until the renovation is done. But otherwise I guess we are almost ready! Hear that universe! we are readu to go!