So yesterday Husbot and I started a new diet not a new ‘diet’  what is the difference?

I dont know but I am thinking of it more like this. Our new diet is more of the dictionary definition: ‘what a person or animal usually eats and drinks; daily fare”  rather then the other definition ‘a special or limited selection of food and drink, chosen or prescribed to promote health or a gain or loss of weight’.

In other words this is more of a lifestyle thing.

Yes I probably need to lose about 20kg. I would love to lose that weight (or even 10 or 156 kg would be nice) but what I am starting is a change in philosophy or approach to food. Which I am hoping will last for a long time – not just for a short period to lose a few kilos.

See I have been a vegetarian for more then 20 years now, starting when I was 13. For most of that time I have been pretty healthy, but not an ideal vego. Not very aware about nutrition, micronutients etc. The kind of vego who had to force myself to eat tofu etc. I think it started from not wanting my vegetarianism to be a big fuss.

I never tried to make the people around me feel guilty about their food choices (my parents etc are not vego) and did not want Mum to be too burdened when making dinner so did not want her to have to make some massive ‘special’ meal of overnight soaked lentils etc so I just eliminated meat. Leter I became a little bit more aware but also vegetarianism was growing in ‘normalcy’ and so there were more grocery products available to make life easier for me.

But this ment that like a lot of vegos I did not get enough protein in my diet (according to this new diet philosophy) because many of my protein options are also high fat (the cheese and other dairy options) well Rose Elliot says dont worry about low fat/high fat – just get the protein in and cut out the carbs and sugars! So! This is a diet that is about lots of eggs, yoghurts, cheese, tofu etc as well as vegetables, nuts and oils. Low carbs. It really sounds appealing to me. Will I lose the 10-20kg? maybe, I hope so. But more then that I hope I feel more satified with food and like it is doing something for me (you know…).

The thinnest I have been (as an adult) was after living in the Philippines for a year – but it is questionable if this is also when I was at my healthiest! Yes I excercised a lot. Having warm days every day, early rising sun and a steady setting sun made it easy to do early morning yoga 3 times a week or swim around 1 km after work a couple of times a week, and long walks left made me sweat the equivilent of a 30 min jog here in Australia). But I was also in a country where vegetarianism was completly UNKNOWN. I would ask if there was anything with vegetables at a restaurant and be told ‘yes’ and then it would come with bits of pork in it. “whats that?” I would say “Pork!” they would say. ‘But you said it was vegetables?’ ….. “Yes, vegetables.” and walk away bemused. I think there was nothing in that country that did not have pork in it. except mangoes…. mmmmm mangoes. So I was STARVING. Of course I had a home and would cook there. But a lot of the time it was difficult. So It was not a healthy slimness.

But yeah, the weight started coming on the closer I got to 30. I did not change my diet, was still eating what I ate when I was 13, 18, 25 etc but it was effecting me differently. So now I need to make an adjustment before it all gets too hard. Fingers crossed this lifestyle change has a positive effect 🙂

I am not sure why I am blogging about it… accountability? tracking? not really. I doubt I will update regularly about it. But if there are vegos out there who have found that they are feeling blah and want to try something that sounds easy to follow (mmm…. lots of cheese) and like it might sort out some niggling issues with weight etc then maybe this is the answer. At some point I will let you know – maybe christmas.