well, I am exhausted.

Maybe it has something to do with the 20 hours of overtime I did last week, visiting our lovely nations capitol to have some chats with fine and influencial people about the aid that is needed to some of the most vulnerable people in the world…. ahhhhh. wont. blog. about. that!

I think it is more to do with the fact that Indai had her first sleepover party on Saturday night! Well it was her first sleepover party at OUR place. She has done them before at her ama-la’s and pop-bills.

She had her BFF Nanook over to stay. He is my brother and sister-in-laws beagle. She loves him. We love him. He is very beautiful. see 🙂

Indai is the beagle cross (tan & white) Nanook is a full beagle (tri-colour)


playing in the backyard

But our little girl was a little bit overexcited and did not behave well. First she tried to eat all her food and… then… all his food (not a great host) and then she ignored him when he wanted to play and instead decided to go psycho about a possum in a tree. Then she dug up some hidden away treats and ate them in front of him (how rude!) – dont worry – he was given fresh ones from the cupboard.

No wonder when it came time to go to bed he would not have a bar of staying in Indai’s bedroom (the ensuite bathroom) with her! We tucked them into bed  but as soon as we closed the door he was crying and scratching and begging to be let out (come on now Nookie – she is not THAT bad!).

We tried sitting on the bath with them untill he went to sleep…. yup. It worked until 5 mins after you left the ensuite and he realised that you were NOT going to sit on the bath all night and watch him sleep (man, we are jerks aren’t we!) so after a few goes where scratching at the door did not get the message accross enough he decided to jump up and try to pull to blinds off the window …nice try Nookie 😦

Anyway this achieved his desired outcome because we gave in and brought their beds into the bedroom hoping they would sleep on the floor (ha!). Nanook decided he was only comfortable sleeping ON me. And proceeded to morph himself into a concrete block on my legs. yay.

What about Indai? Dont worry, she was not about to be outdone. Would Indai go to sleep? No. Indai went bananas. Indai did try to sleep. she tried the foot of bed…. hour later…. off the bed…. hour or so later… standing on my chest sniffing my face (awesome)… little while later she wants to go downstairs… NO INDAI… then she tries to shove inbetween Nooks and me (concrete Nookie says NO!). How do I know all this? Because she was kind enough to wake me each time she wanted to try something new. She is such a lovely girl. 😦

Husbot meanwhile managed to sleep though most of it – not a good sign for future crying babies.

Anyway, I feel a bit crappy writing about this as my brother and sister in law would be getting NO sleep ANY night of the week at the moment, with an 18 month old (Little Z) and a 2 week old (teeny H) and of course they usually have concrete block morphing Nanook there too! I don’t know how they do it!

Back to my awsome ‘sleep’ over night. I rose the next day with two very firm conclusions.

1) those two doggies were a bit stinky and needed a good bath 😉

2) when bubsie arrives in this house, we’re gunna need a bigger bed.