no not for me! hahaha. For my brother and sister in law 🙂 they had another baby girl – yay! So now we have a Teeny H to be the little sister of Little Z. And they are both gorgeous!

So that is the exciting news the family has been celebrating this weekend. Teeny H looks exactly the same as Little Z did (not 18 months ago) but even though she is teeny-tiny she is a little bigger then Little Z was. But the interesting thing for husbot and I was that we had the same reaction to holding Teeny H as Little Z. She was lovely and sweet in that scrunched up new baby way, but we both said both times – ‘I dont need a newborn’. Little Z got MUCH more interesting to us when she was about 6months old and now – she is SO engaging, I just can’t tear myself away when she is around.

But that is not to take anything away from Teeny H, she was showing personality already. She kept wringing her teeny little hands and furrowing her brow like she was plotting and scheeming things…. evil genius in the making? hahaha maybe just genius (we hope!)

But the point is that Husbot and I are preferential adopters (is that the right term?) anyway, we are adopting as our first choice for making a family. Not because we have had a struggle with infertility or anything. I dont know what it is (maybe an obsession with Anne of Green Gables? With the Japanese anime CandyCandy? with Cabbage Patch Kids? hahaha) but I have KNOWN since I was a child that I would parent a child through adoption.

On that note yesterday we attended an information day organised by ASIAC which is an adoptive family support organisation and it was a really lovely day. Much of the information was not all that new to Husbot and I but it is always good to be reminded of things and to hear things from from different perspectives. But the best part was meeting other families who are someway through the process and even all the way though the process. Seeing people with their children was really lovely and heartwarming. I cant wait to be in their shoes (obviously).

Anyway, today is mothers day here in Oz. Another mothers day where I am not a mother – I wonder if I will be next year? It would be a long shot – see my ticker? not quite 10 months yet so in a years time we will only be at 22 months, average wait is 36 months 😦 so probably I wont be celebrating Mothers day (as  a Mummy rather then a daughter) until 2013. Double sads 😦 😦

Anyway today my only baby (of the fur variety) was lovely to me. And super cute!!! Indulge me a little by going awww at my cute (and cuddly) doggie

Indai 'chillaxing' on the back deck

Indai 'chillaxing' inside

clearly ‘chillaxing’ is one of her favorite things to do 🙂