well yes, I am sure it is… for someone! Yesterday was Dad’s birthday “Happy Birthday Dad” even though you don’t read my blog 😉

But back to today. Little Z is bound to become a big sister today (we hope we hope!!), Husbot and I will have a new niece or nephew, Mum and Dad a new grandchild and my brother and his partner a new son or daughter. Special day.

It is weird to be just waiting and hoping that things all go well – when really this is quite a traumatic day for my sister-in-law and indeed for the new bubs. There is so much going on! But all I can do is wait, hope, light some incense and ask that things go well to any who may be able to protect them all.

I wonder how it will feel to be Little Z – she is so little and I am sure she will get a big shock when  mini-her arrives home and… wont go away again! ha. Her life is about to change too. But we know she will be ok in the end.

On another note, I think Little Z might be  Tibetan in her past life. She calls my Dad ‘Pop Bill’ which is lovely. But she has just started calling my mum Ama for grandma. Ama, or Ama-la is the Tibetan name for grandma. It is actually the name that Husbot and I would have probably used with our kids for ‘grandmother’ so we think it is really amazing and lovely that she has picked it herself – without anybody telling her. Om Mani Padme Hum