Oh, but I have.

I made four Masies ages ago – Before my trip to Thailand last November (I think??) or maybe at Christmas time. Anyway I either was in the stage of forgetting to blog, or I had other things to blog about so, anyway, long story short – they have felt a little neglected that their friends have been bloged about but they havent.

So, last weekend when I was going Polly and Mumma Bear mad I also realised that I did not have enough Masies to adequatly address the current baby boom going on around here. By the way in case you are wondering we are still waiting for our new niece/nephew… hurry up little bubs!! We are sick of waiting and Little Z is SO ready to be a big sister!!

So, what did I do? I made two more Masies. Now I feel that there is enough and no little baby girl associated to me by way of friend or family will miss out! Yay!

Here is how the process went ages ago;

Their faces are hand embroidered (sp?) which is a bit nerve racking but also fun.

Have I ever mentioned how much time goes into fabric selection for these toys (not just the Masies)? Because you need the right amount of contrast and complementation to make the dolls fun and colourful but not crazy clown. It is a lot worse then picking an outfit. I sometimes sit there for hours putting fabrics up against each other and then swapping them around. It is hard when two work so well like the pink and green ones above and then you need to find to more (one for the head, one for the legs and arms) because then you could have something working perfectly and accidently ruin it.

But now I have a few piles of fabric around it is not such a problem. At the begining I would be like – um…. I need a green that has a small pattern but is not too patterny. And then we would have to go off to Spotlight or Lincraft for hours while I found the perfect one (and of course I would by several spares hahaha) or I would start sewing and realise I did not have any pink/brown thread : ( but now I have a stash.

Here is how the pink and green one from earlier turned out – I think she is a good one!

They did not all turn out so well. The arms were the trickiest part. Some were a bit askew (I think we will keep those ones hahaha) and another I accidently sewed in upside down so she looks like she permenatly has her arms in the air saying ‘hooray!’ in fact maybe it is because of the arm situation that I need to keep two and I had to make two more… hahahaha!

Here are all the pink and green toned ones;

one in the middle says 'Hooray!' hahaha

Here are all the yellow and orange toned ones;

who said our arms are wonky? thats mean : (

anyway I think they look so cute together. But they are not staying together long. Soon they will be in the arms of the teeny little people they were made for : )