So I already bloged about Little Z’s Easter present Polly. Well, that is not all I made this Easter/ANZAC day weekend. I also whipped up some Mumma Bears!

These are also from the Book The Big Book of Softies and I have been dying to make them. I just had to find the time.

Because I wanted to make 6 of them, yes 6. Why so many? Well many of my friends have had babies lately. It is a total baby boom and I dont think it is going to end any time soon. So the Mumma Bears are a gift for the new babies? Well no.

I am not sure what the etiquette is for gifts to newborns when the newborn has a big sister. But I have assumed that it is better to have a gift for everyone. So these are big sister Mumma Bears : ) There are 5 proud new big sisters – but one will get the spare Polly and so that means there are 2 spare Mumma Bears to keep here in case our phone ring rings! (fingers crossed)

So here is the making of Mumma Bear…

The making of Mumma Bears

all the Mumma Bear body parts

Let me tell you. Making 2 Pollys and 6 Mumma Bears in 1 day is a quite an effort. I had to have a little production line going and even got Husbot involved – yes he was given the arm and leg turning task. If I am totally honest it kind of takes the fun out of it : ( hahaha I was STRESSED out! Nah, not really but yes it was a big effort because I wanted to get them all done before my mother in-law arrived so that I could tidy up after myself.

Well, the marathon effort was worth it I think because I was all tidied up before my  in-laws arrived, just finishing off with some hand sewing when they arrived.

Here is how they turned out. There are 3 quite Mumma looking ones – who look like they just need their pearls and then they can have a little tea party….

my posh Mumma Bears

And then there are 3 more relaxed looking ones…. in fact to me they look like the kind of mummy’s who dont bother getting out of their Jammies all day hahaha

the Mumma Pyjama bears

Anyway my Mumma Pyjama’s have had me singing the Simon and Garfunkel song Me and Julio down at the School yard all day because of the lyrics;

The MaMa pajama rolled outa bed and she ran to the police station
When the PaPa found out he began to shout and he started the investigation

it’s against the law
it was against the law
what the mama saw
it was against the law

etc etc

see you me and julio down by the school yard
see you me and julio down by the school yard

At least it is a cool song ; )