Yes! It was a mix of Easter and ANZAC day here in Australia. So we had a 5 day break from work, which is lovely. I don’t celebrate the religious side of Easter because I am Buddhist and Husbot is nothing (but supportive of Buddhist philosophy). But since my in-laws were visiting since Easter Saturday we had a lovely family BBQ at my Mum and Dad’s place with my brother and his partner and my little niece, Little Z. It was good of them to come because there is another little niece or nephew due any minute now!

Anyway I wont really blog about the in-law visit ; ) will just stick to the other stuff.

Mum called on Friday while we were giving the house a riggorous scrub for the in-law’s arrival and said ‘have you got an Easter present for Little Z?” …. um what? An Easter present? Who does that? well apparently we do (we had some chocolate eggs for people of course but she is only 18 months so too little for that) so I had to think quick.

I looked in my ‘thinks to make’ book called The Big Book of Softies to see if there was something that was Easter appropriate.

What I came up with is… Polly!

Since she has little bunny ears I thought she was the right doll. Anyway I whipped her up the next day (allong with some other toys I will blog about later.

Here she is – so cute I made two!

two cute Pollys or too cute Pollys!

I would love to post a picture of Little Z enjoying her Easter present Polly but I dont have one! I will see if her mum has one. : )

I hope you had a great Easter too!